Designing your pouch should be a fun step toward getting your product on the shelves of stores everywhere. Create an impressive shelf presentation with custom-printed pouches.


According to Nielsen, 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store. But with thousands of products lining the shelves, brands need to be creative with their presentation. Our solution: custom-printed pouches.


Custom pouches offer consumers a convenient way to bring home products. Well suited for liquids, solids, and powders, this packaging is a smart solution for keeping your products fresh for much longer.


Here's why:


Barrier films keep moisture and oxygen at bay, leaving your products as good as the first day you packed them. Custom pouch bags offer excellent product stability, which helps reduce wastage and excess inventory.



Why You Should Use Custom Pouches for Your Products?




With these pouches, you spend minimal effort in packaging your products, allowing more time for distribution or selling.


While they are not all the same, they share some common characteristics that can help you.


Economical - Low minimum order quantities lets you print custom pouches as you need them. With no plates or setup fees to think about, you can focus more on delivering your products quickly and in smaller quantities.

Fast and Efficient - Fast turnaround times let you meet your market’s demands as quickly as possible. Digitally printed pouches allows you to print only what you need, so you save time and money on each order.

Professional - High-quality materials and full-color printing deliver outstanding results with every print. The colors are vibrant and the materials last a long time, giving you more value for your money.



Designing Your Pouch: Where To Start





Keep It Simple




Don’t go over the top with your design. That doesn’t mean you have to dim your creativity, or even tone it down. It’s just that too much on a small package can overwhelm customers and actually deter them instead of draw them to your product.



Fully Describe The Product




Tell customers every important detail about the product. What can it do for them? What health benefits does it have? Only tell them the big details, though. Do leave out the unimportant, extra “fun fact” information that can be left for later. Customers will share those tidbits in their reviews.


Also be sure to not exaggerate. Be truthful. Don’t leave anything out of the back labels - people will know, and that will only get you into trouble with consumers.



Stand Out From The Shelf




Check out what other brands are doing. Then don’t do that. Do something that you don’t see anyone else doing. Make yourself look unique so you catch customers’ eyes. Use bold colors and big letters, or a strange design. Just make sure you’re not standing out for the wrong reasons, like, maybe your colors don’t match, or no one can read your font.



Test Your Designs




Put your designs in front of audiences to see which ones they react most favorably to and go with the one that performs the best. This is often the most accurate way to fully know how your pouch will do with consumers.




QQSTUDIO lets you design and create your Stand Up Pouch packaging effectively and help you launch your product quickly.

This tool is designed for the novice or the pro to shorten the packaging cycle and let your focus be on your product.


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