Benefits of Stand Up Pouches vs Other Packaging

Benefits of Stand Up Pouches vs Other Packaging
Authored By Eva

You surely have noticed the packages that stand effortlessly anywhere when you go to your stores. Whether on refrigerated or regular shelves. These are pouches that stand up. There are numerous reasons why firms are abandoning rigid packaging in favor of considerably more pliable stand-up pouches to protect better, promote, and increase product sales.

Businesses and customers alike profit from stand-up pouches from manufacturing to purchase. Customers appreciate the following benefits of stand up pouches:


Convenience features


Consumers desire convenience, thus, stand up pouch elements can offer value to the brand. Food can last longer with resealable seals, and customers will have a richer experience with the product.

Pick between press to close, hook to hook, or zip lock closures to make your pouch more convenient. Handles, laser perforation, spouts, and transparent windows are all options. Also, you can make the stand up pouches steamable, allowing customers to prepare their meals in the microwaves without needing to take them out of the bag.




It's not merely the correct thing to do to operate your business sustainably. It also helps with sales. As per Forbes, 66 % of buyers would pay more for an item if a sustainable company made it. This number jumps to 73 percent among millennials.

So, how may pouch packing assist you in meeting this requirement?

It requires less fabric than typical, rigid packaging, creating a more efficient way to transport (more on that in a minute) and consuming fewer resources. It alone will make it a better environmental choice.

Stand-up pouches are constructed entirely of recyclable materials, take less fuel to ship due to their small weight, and are environmentally friendly. The packaging comprises layers of FDA approved, a food-grade film that you can custom print with water-based dyes to bring your company's designs and logos to life. It is a no-brainer once it gets to present the goods in the best possible light.

On the other hand, less product packaging implies less wastage in your consumers' trash since it's something the customers can see and feel, and that environmental impact is essentially more than any green certified tag on the package.


Shelf impact


Stand up pouches stand out on the rack thanks to their variety of sizes and shapes and their outstanding HD graphic possibilities. The most significant advantage of stand up pouches regarding shelf effect is the increased quantity of property investment available to manufacturers: the package's largest printing surface suddenly stands up and confronts the buyer. It gives your goods an advantage over goods in lay down sacks and less rigid containers.


Product safety


Pouch packaging protects your goods from chemical exposure better than other kinds of packaging. Dust, dirt, and other contaminants will not even be able to get through the seal, guaranteeing that your consumer gets it in the same perfect condition as when you packaged it. This advantage isn't restricted to food. Non-food items, such as motor oil, must also be protected.

Pouch packing is also not effective, but the seal is also noticeable.

Clients and retailers can notice right away when it's in good shape, increasing their trust in your goods. According to Package Trends research, 54 percent of American adults believe observing a product via its packaging is crucial.

Another benefit of a prominent seal is that it makes it evident when an item has been interfered with. It is a substantial benefit for merchants, who shed a significant amount of their income due to return fraud. It's difficult for a scammer to return an unsealed sunflower seed bag or a gallon of paint that has been half-used and then dampened down with high-visibility packaging.


Innovative design


Retailers are more aware of the shelf space in these times of fierce rivalry from both digital and brick and mortar rivals. Your product must make the most of the available space to stand out.

A container, for instance, is normally circular, which makes storing it on a rectangle shelf inefficient. Its surface slopes away from the client, making it difficult to read. A wooden box is one option, but it isn't appropriate for every product. Tiny cardboard boxes often wind up sitting horizontally, making them difficult to read.

Irrespective of pouch size, a stand up pouch container makes optimal shelf space usage. Furthermore, because these bags are flat, they display the entire box. As a result, you'll have a lot of advertising rooms without the disadvantages of cardboard boxes.

Printing stand-up pouch packets are also simple. You can customize the pouches with a range of styles, including classic, conservative labeling, and innovative holographic and 3D imagery. You can include your pouch packing within your brand's current feel and look, regardless of how you label the product.


Warehousing and transportation


Stand up pouches also save distribution costs significantly. Based on the bag and the original packing solution, 5-10 times the number of units you can transport on a single truck with fewer pallets. The gasoline cost for each truck is cheaper because the packing is likewise lighter. More merchandise may be stored in less area, and moving it around requires less time and effort.


Cost reduction


If you want to save money on materials, changing to stand-up pouches (generally packing materials) is a no-brainer. Flexible packaging is 3-6 times more costly per unit compared to rigid packaging.

The cost of flexible packaging is double the price as much as branded folding cartons. Said, selecting stand up pouches over a rigid option will result in much higher profit margins for the company.


Form and structure


Stand up pouches come in a wide range of styles and sizes. The typical pouch: a round-bottomed bag that usually folds flat once empty: is most recognizable to consumers. Also, stand up pouches can be die-cut into unique forms to make them stand out over the shelf.

Boxes are unable to withstand the weight of products and rapidly break. Apart from those, stand up pouches are more robust and resistant to moisture, UV light, germs, and pollutants due to their flexibility.

To fully profit from the advantages of stand up pouches and packing materials, you'll need to work with a packaging maker and supplier who can create a convenient option that's completely fitted to the brand and product. Stand up packaging has been doing just that for years now.