What is a gusseted plastic bag?

A gusset bag is a bag where an extra piece of material is added to the sides or bottom of the bag or both. This creates a larger cubic area of space inside of the bag.

Gusset bags can be made out of many different materials but are primarily made out of paper or plastic.

Gusset bags are used across many industries as they offer a larger carry capacity those similar sized non-gusseted bags.

• Bakery- uses gusset bags for all of their baked good, with the most popular gusset bag being a bread bag

• Retail stores use a gusset bag for most of their shopping bags as it allows shoppers to place more of the stores products inside of the bag

• In the moving industry, large gusseted furniture and mattress bags are used to protect the clients belongings

• Many of the industrial plastic liners that are used in industry are gusseted as well. This allows industries such as manufacturers and waste companies to maximize the space inside their bags.

Gusseted bags have a huge promotional value as business is not only able to place more promotional items inside the bag, but they are also able to advertise their brand on the 5 panels of a gusseted promotional bag. If they were using a non-gusseted bag they would only be able to advertise on 2 panels.

Why Use Gusseted Product Packaging?

There are many reasons why more and more brands are switching from rigid cardboard packaging to flexible pouch packaging. Compared to something rigid and boxy like a cereal box for example, side gusset pouches hold more product in a smaller package size resulting in a solution that’s less wasteful, low-cost and perfect for storage.

#1 Stands Tall

Gusseted bags are highly practical because they stand up straight without the risk of tipping over once they’re filled with your product. Whatever you put inside sinks to the base of the package and creates a supportive foundation that keeps the bag upright. This ensures that the unique packaging design is clearly displayed to passing customers.

#2 Improved Storage Space

When filled, the side gusset pouch essentially mimics a box in terms of the quad siding, the ability to stand upright and the canvas space for graphics. The difference, however, is the side gusset pouch’s larger product-to-package ratio which improves storage space both internally at the manufacturing facility and on the shelves once the package is consumer-ready.

#3 Comes in a Variety of Options

You aren’t limited to a single type of gusset. For example, the classic “plow-bottom” style stands up when the product settles at the bottom of the pouch. It’s ideal for especially heavy items, like thick beauty products.

Side-gusset product packaging is also available. The base is flat while a gusset is situated on each side. Coffee beans are commonly packaged in this type of pouch.

#4 Eases Transport

Convenience matters both to consumers and store employees. The more practical your packaging, the easier your products are to handle. This benefits customers who won’t have to deal with unwieldy boxes, bottles, or bags. Staff members stocking shelves will have a much simpler time transporting these effortless bags from the shipping box to the shelf or from the stock room to the sales floor.

#5 Increased Durability

Another great advantage of side gusset bags and pouches is their ability to handle a diverse selection of product types. For example, certain snack foods like pistachios that have sharper edges can puncture the packaging causing the product to go rancid. Side gusset pouches implement strong, durable high-barrier films that work to avoid material deterioration and unwanted product recalls.

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