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Benefit of Three Side Seal bags




  • This type of packaging is one of the most popular bags for ease of use, used in packing a large number of products such as:
  • Pet Food Packaging
  • Packaging cosmetics
  • Packaging of food products
  • Coffee and tea packaging
  • Packaging organic products
  • Frozen Packaging
  • Cheese Packaging
  • Packaging of sugar and many other products


The three Side seals are also called plastic bags. The shape of the bag will look distinct because it is made of strong materials that keep the product longer and is sealed from both sides and a third side at the bottom or top according to your request and suitable for the shape of your products.

This is a popular style of bag for ground coffee, spices, liquids and similar products. This bag format is also a good option when package uniformity is important. For example, in some cases multiple 3 Side Seal Bags are further packed in a folding carton or a box. The box is then displayed on the shelf for retail. Allowing consumers to buy multiple packs in a carton. This style of bag allows for branding at the front and back panels.

We offer you two options, stock and custom made pouches with logo printing or design for your products. We have a distinguished team of graphic designers. If you do not have a design or have an old design and want to change it, we provide you with this service.



  • You can add properties to draw the customer’s attention and to give the product a better shape and ease of use:
  • Zipper
  • Suspension slots can be added (to hang the bags instead of placing them on the shelves).
  • A transparent window can be added so that customers can see the product.

We have many sizes and colors and we also provide you with a printing system which allows you to choose from 9 colors, and this will encourage you to market your products more.



  • Benefit of Three Side Seal bags:
  1. Economical flexible packaging option
  2. More bag volume than 4 side seal bag
  3. Good package uniformity for cartoning
  4. Easy of access to products with tear notch
  5. Can be used for high speed packaging applications
  6. Economical storage and transportation
  7. Up to 10 color rotogravure printing
  8. Glossy , matte or UV finishing
  9. Metalized and non-metalized material structures can be used



The advantages of packaging prototypes and production package samples for presentations, trade shows, focus groups and store planograms.

From weighing the different pros and cons to identifying your overall packaging and business needs, choosing the right flexible packaging option for your product can be a strenuous process. But it’s an important process that will ultimately help your product stand out on the shelf and make its way into consumer’s homes.

One option that can provide a unique touch to your product is single-use packaging. Single-use packaging can come in a variety of forms including sample packets, foldover pouches and flat pillow pouches. This type of packaging is designed with the consumer in mind, emphasizing the importance of product quality and easy-to-use functionality.



Let’s take a deeper dive into a few other advantages single-use packaging provides.

  • Insulated freshness

The great thing about single-use packaging is that food spoilage and staleness becomes much less of a concern. For example, buying individually packaged single-use sandwich meat eliminates the need to store and reseal. Even snack foods like chips and trail mix can be packaged in smaller, single-use bags that can be finished off in one sitting with no need to reseal for later.

While resealability does have its share of advantages, it requires a greater focus on safe storage compared to single-use alternatives.

  • Versatility

As alluded to above, single-use packaging can support a wide range of markets including beauty and cosmetic sample packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, candy packaging, dry food packaging, spice packaging and even pet foods and treats.

Single-use packaging can also add great versatility to your product itself, giving consumers more ways to use your product and interact with it – and versatile, feature-rich products certainly don’t go unnoticed.

  • Simplified meal prep

With proper serving sizes already measured out, consumers can use single-use food packaging to prepare meals faster and with more accuracy as they would using the popular meal kit home delivery model.

Single-use packaging gives consumers the freedom to create meal kits of their very own, providing a simple food prep solution that’s ideal for millennial consumers and small families.



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