Looking for the perfect packaging for your product? Why not use stand up mylar bags? Our mylar bags offer matte finishing on the surface with a silver metallic interior, guaranteed to offer good light and keep out the elements. Moreover, these bags are designed to stand up on any kind of flat surface like store shelves, tabletops, kitchen cabinets, etc, enabling you to print and fully display attractive product images and logos to advance your branding strategy.Our bags also can be processed with logo hot stamps, labels, and printings to best reflect your company and product brand!


Here are the 10 Common Uses of Stand Up Mylar Bags:


Snack & Cookies



Mylar bags are perfect for packaging snacks and cookies of all kinds! To ensure the utmost freshness, the inner substrate of the bag offers moisture barriers to keep the elements out. For manufacturers, these mylar bags can be personalized with company hot stamps. Hot stamps will make your product stand out on the shelves, and mylar bags are the ideal fit.


Stand-up pouches are composed of the highest quality materials that will ensure your snacks and cookies stay fresh longer. Add options like a see-through window or better yet, an option for the clear back to maximize product exposure. The stand-up pouches are available in various sizes, colors, and printing options to match your brand and logo standards.


Chocolate & Candy



When you create sweet confections for your customers, you want each and every bite to be as delectable as the first. That’s why reliable candy packaging bags and pouches are so important. Exposure to air, humidity, heat, and light can quickly degrade candy and chocolate and cause them to spoil.


Mylar food-grade packaging are ideal for soft candy, hard candy, and chocolates, and they’re designed with exceptional protection to keep your treats fresher longer.


Nuts & Chips



Mylar bags effectively protect against light, moisture, and insects. They create a good oxygen barrier which allows the oxygen to be removed and extends the shelf life of the nuts and chips.

Dry foods can be easily packaged and sealed at home with a clothes iron or even a hair straightener.Nuts of all kinds will fight off any tendencies to stale with our soft foil bags. Nuts are small enough to pack into the bag with ease, and the stand up nature of the pouch will help avoid any accidental spillage.

Protein Powder & Milk Powder

We want to protect protein powder and milk powder from moisture, light, and odor. Mylar bags contain a specialized film that offers a low oxygen transmission rate because of the presence of a thick laminate layer to protect your stored food items. This layer can be three or more layers thick in custom-made Mylar bags that provide complete protection from moisture, light, and odor and help you to preserve your food item for a longer time.

Spices & Seasonings

Across all cultures, spices, herbs, and seasonings are vital in cooking, bestowing divine flavors and aroma into foods and cooked dishes. In any kitchen, you are likely to find salt, pepper, and maybe something more exotic like turmeric, cardamon, or zaatar. There is also a growing number of spice mixes that give dishes the flair food-lovers seek.

It is crucial to find the right retail packaging for these products. Exposure to sunlight, heat, air, and moisture can diminish the potency and aromatics that make each spice and herb unique. Our commercial spice packaging is puncture-proof and provides an airtight seal. Many of our pouches are available with built-in resealable zippers, and we also offer tin-ties, tape, or metal clips, as alternative reclosing options. Our high barrier pouches and bags for spices are an excellent option for keeping your product fresher over a more extended time.

Mylar bags will keep all the tricky spices within reach, and will retain the quality of the product with its metallic silver interior. The sharp taste of the spices won’t fade with the moisture barrier within the mylar bag.


These are just a few common uses for stand up mylar bags. Use these beauties for any other products? Tell us about them!

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