How to do retort packaging?

How to do retort packaging?
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Retort packaging is the safest option for storing food and beverages without adding preservatives.  The material lamination structure is crucial to the performance of a flexible retort pouch, as it prolongs your product's shelf life and ensures that the retort process is effective. Since the methods of processing change depending on the type of product and the packaging it comes in, retort designs and methods of operation also vary.

Read on to learn how you can do retort packaging.


What Is Retort Packaging?


A retort packaging is a type of laminated plastic food can that is thin, lightweight, and flexible. This type of packaging will offer you the benefits of conventional food packaging methods like cans and glass jars while also outlasting them in terms of shelf life.


How Do I Do the Retort Packaging Process?


The retort method is a safe and effective way to sterilize food by destroying any remaining bacteria and stopping any enzymes that could lower the quality or shorten the shelf life of the food. It's one of the most common thermal treatment forms in the food and beverage sector. The retort pouch is a basket used to store pre-packaged goods. Here are the directions:

·         Prepare your food or beverage (semi-cooked or cooked)

  • Wash, steam, and check all equipment
  • Package and seal your food or beverage in retort pouches
  • For 30 minutes at 121 degrees Celsius, steam your sealed bags up processing temperature in an Autoclave machine. As soon as the processing period begins, shut off the steam supply and open the vents, lowering the pressure to zero.
  • Open the retort once the pressure is at zero
  • Quickly unload and cool the cans.


Factors affecting the Retort Packaging Process


Packaging Material


Glass is a poor heat conductor, so glass containers have a longer heating time than metal cans of the same size and shape. Because of this, consider your retort pouch's size and shape; a larger one will require more time to heat than a smaller one.


The temperature of the retort


While a higher retort temperature will speed up the heating process, it may also cause some of the product to be overly processed close to the package's exterior.

If you want to speed up the heating process, especially for thick or semisolid items, you should shake the containers end-over-end.


Type of Product


A product's heat capacity and ease of heat conduction can vary widely depending on the material. Also, a retort's agitation can be significantly impacted by the viscosity of your product.



Limited headspace might also slow down the heating process for an agitated retort.


Tips on Retort Packaging


1 Avoid using your retort bags for a hot pack. Before sealing, make sure to cool the contents of your retort pouch.

2 Partially cook meat before packaging. This rule excludes seafood meats, including crab,  tuna, and lobsters. You can package fruits and vegetables raw.

3 Avoid filling retort bags to the brim

4 Avoid direct contact between your retort bags and the bottom of the canner.


Why Should I Use Retort Packaging?


Storable at Room Temperature


These bendable pouches can sit at room temperature for an extended period without spoiling. You can acquire them lowly, but you'll get top-notch protection from air and moisture loss.


Your Packaged Food Is Safe!


The design is excellent; these pouches will be safe en- route to your customers, thanks to the sturdy packaging. Their lightweight results in significant savings on transportation costs, and they won't let any water in and can handle the heat just fine.


Reduced Use of  Preservatives


Sterilization is necessary to increase the shelf life of food or beverages without preservatives. When food is retorted, it is sterilized by heating it to temperatures of about 130 degrees Celsius and then wrapping it in a retort packaging material that can endure those temperatures without tearing.




Since retort pouches are shelf-stable, the integrity of the food contained within is better preserved. Also, they're thin and compact, so they will only take up a little room on shelves.


Take Away


Retort packaging has become increasingly common among the food and beverage industries. Try them if you are considering a stylish and efficient packaging solution for your food business. Because most food products have high bacteria counts, properly sterilizing them during the retort process is essential.

Ensure your retort packaging material is sturdy enough to withstand 115°C–125°C and is oxygen and water impermeable. You can order custom retort packaging now. We offer trendy packages at exclusive offers.