Authored By Eva


According to dictionaries, gifts are something that is ‘voluntarily transferred’ and ‘does not imply compensation’. Of course, that’s just the simple version of the gifts as a concept. The reason people give gifts is because we believe that by doing so, we will be able to establish a relationship with another person – and not just the romantic kind! It could be friendship, mentorship, professional relationships and so on.

Receiving a gift can be a lovely show of affection for someone without expectation of anything in return. But you might be wondering what reasons to give someone a gift are there? We’ve put together 4 reasons people give gifts in this post.


#1 To Express Your Love

One of the reasons people give each other gifts is because it’s the version of the ‘language of love’. Not all of us were born with a ‘silver tongue’ and even someone who is in possession of high eloquence cannot always express their love in words. That’s where gifts come in.

You can surprise your loved one even more with a gift that they best relate to, which shows you pay attention and care about them.

A thoughtful gift can have the same effect of a thousand beautifully crafted words. It can show the person you’re giving a gift to that you treasure and value the relationship that you both share – be it a romantic or platonic one.



#2 Appreciate Someone Special

Another reason to give someone a gift outside of designated holidays and birthdays is simply to show your appreciation for those you care about and hold in high regard. You may even want to give someone a gift as a means to reward them for achievements or exceptionally good behavior.

Additionally, you can even get gifts to showcase your appreciation to your boss or coworkers.

We gift people who are very important in our lives, but also gift people who have gone out of their way to help us out.

This could be a loved one, a work colleague or even a complete stranger.

You may give gifts to reward your loved one behavior or even some achievement. You may also want to encourage them in the activities they are involved.

In short, you can give people who have touched your life in some way a gift to showcase that your appreciate them – their effort, guidance and presence in your life – regardless if it’s a special occasion or not.


#3 Keep in Touch

We all want to be remembered by our loved ones and you may not be in a position to meet or even talk to them on a daily basis. Letting them know you’re thinking of them is a great reason to send a gift.

Sending a gift to your friend or family member is a great way to show them that although they’re out of sight, they’re not out of your mind.


#4 Say Thanks

Another occasion for giving is when you owe someone your thanks. The reason for this really ranges—you could be thanking your parents for raising you from a wee child to an adult or thanking a coworker for advocating for you. Whether you’re thanking someone for a lifetime of selflessness or for a one-time act of kindness, thanking them with a gift works well. Of course, you’ll want to go all out when showing your appreciation for your parents, perhaps gifting them a weekend getaway. Meanwhile, a heartfelt card and accompanying gift card may fit a one-time act like your coworker’s kindness.