10 Best Candy Packaging Ideas in 2022

10 Best Candy Packaging Ideas in 2022
Authored By Eva

Whether you buy or make your candy, there is no greater feeling than being able to store it in your home. Aside from the presentation, you need to store your candy to ensure everything stays fresh and you also have enough space for your other snacks. Here are a couple of candy storage ideas that will come in handy.

They ensure that your candy stays fresh and looks great. The packages can also be used when giving out candy as gifts. Here are some of the best candy packaging ideas from QQ Studio, a professional food packaging supplier in Singapore. Look through them and pick what works for you.


Stand Up Pouches | White | Kraft | with Frosted Window


Perhaps one of the best features of this packaging idea is the frosted window. It makes for the perfect gift bag because you can arrange the sweets in a great pattern. These packages come in different sizes, and you get to pick which one you like. If you are going for the decorative feel, then it will help if you can mix up different colored candy in them to make the entire ensemble look way better.


Stand Up Pouch | Foil | Matte | Diecut Handle | Clear Window

Another great way to store your candy would be in these matte pouches. They stand up, and that makes them perfect for your pantry. The great thing with these pieces is that they come in different colors, making them perfect for you if you love color coordination or having different colors for different candies. They also have a clear window so you can play around with how you put the sweets in them.


Custom Printed - Three Side Seal Pouch | Plastic | Matte | Stand up Pouch


If you love figuring out what is in your pouch before opening it, then this idea is for you. With these packaging types, you can choose to have a design or the picture of whatever you have stored inside printed at the top. It comes in handy if you have so many different candies and do not want to write down their names on the pouches. They also make the perfect gift because everyone who receives them knows right away whatever is inside.


Custom Printed - Stand Up Pouch | Plastic | Frosted White | Clear Window


Another great idea for you for stand-up pouches is the frosted kind. They have so many different designs on them, and all you need to do is ensure you get the right kind. These pouches look so dainty and make the perfect pouches for those days you want to gift your friend candy. It also makes the perfect option for displaying your candy.


Stand Up Pouch | Foil | Holographic Silver | Glossy

If you love holographic material, these pouches will fit in place in your house. The front of the pouches is made from holographic material, while the backside is clear. That way, you get to know what is in the pouch without opening it. Since they are tightly shut, you do not have to worry about your candy going bad once you store it.


Stand Up Pouch | Aluminium Foil | Frosted Window

Whenever people think about aluminum foil packaging, the initial thought is it will be something boring. QQ Studio has made it very clear that aluminum packaging can look good. All you need to do is ensure you pick out a print and design that goes well on your foil's cover. That way, the pouch will still look amazing even though it is aluminum.


Stand Up Pouch | Plastic | Holographic Pink

If you want something slightly different, this would be the perfect pouch for you. It is decorative, and plastic bits make it even shinier. The material used to make this pouch is also good quality, so you do not have to worry about it being food safe. It is air-tight, and your candy will stay fresh for as long as it is in the pouch.


Stand Up Pouch | Foil | Glossy | Hang Hole


Foil is one of the best ways for you to store food, and candy storage is no different. These pouches look so great, and they come in a variety of colors which makes them stand out even more. The only thing you need to remember is they do not see-through, so you have to open them up to see what candies are inside.

You can choose to get a sticker for the labeling to know which candies are in the pouches. The other option would be to color coordinate them. Whatever your choice of labeling, the foil stands-up pouch will be perfect in your home.


Zip Lock Bag | Glossy | Plastic | Cute Printing


If you love colorful designs on your pouch, these plastic pouches will be perfect. They come in so many designs, and many of them are playful, so you can look around until you find something that works. Check out the different patterns and sizes they come in to choose something that will suit your needs. Their designs make them perfect for storing candy in a gift bag at a kid's party.


Three Side Seal Pouch | Plastic | Matte | Printing


If you want to get pouches in bulk, this is the perfect option. QQ Studio sells these pouches in sets of 1000 or 2000. They come in different designs, so you do not have one of the same things. If you plan to pack a lot of candy, you should look out for these sets. They are also available in different sizes to choose what works for you.


Final Thoughts


There are so many options that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to packaging. If you have no idea where to start, worry not. At QQ Studio, we have so many packaging ideas, and all you have to do is figure out which one works for you. Ensure you check out the size of the packaging to know if you are getting packaging that will work perfectly for you.