4 Factors To Consider When Customizing Coffee Bags

4 Factors To Consider When Customizing Coffee Bags
Authored By Eva

As a roaster, the packaging of your coffee serves as a crucial step in selling your product. Coffee packaging is a delicate skill that requires you to balance between functionality and design intricately. There is a very thin line between your business taking off and failing, and it all depends on the types of coffee packaging you use.

You might be wondering what coffee packaging design will suit your coffee bags. Well, this is where customization comes in. If you walk to your nearest minimart or supermarket, you’ll notice that there are a lot of coffee brands available. How you customize your coffee bag will determine whether you’ll get an edge over your competitors.

You should customize your coffee packaging bags in a way that will not only attract but also retain your consumers. However, before you embark on creating your custom coffee bean bag, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind. Four of the most significant ones have been carefully outlined below:

Prioritize Creating Awareness For Your Brand


The first thing the consumer should see when they pick up a coffee bean bag is your distinct company’s logo and name.  Use the back of the package to further draw consumers to your brand by highlighting the uniqueness of your product and what your brand offers.

Creating a brand is not an easy task. Connecting with your consumers can be a huge task if you don’t have a brand that stands out from that of your competitors. You should focus on providing a unique experience to the customer.

For example, some brands like to position themselves as the crème de la crème in the coffee sector, providing the rarest and most exquisite flavors. Other brands love to go for a homely feel reminiscent of a friendly neighborhood café.

Some roasters even associate their brands with far greater roles and contributions to society, such as eradicating child labor, conservation of endangered species, or promoting sustainable practices. Whichever way you decide to promote your brand, ensure that it is something that the consumer can relate to.

The Coffee Packaging Design


The quality of your coffee keeps your customer, but the coffee packaging design is what attracts them to your brand in the first place. When coming up with a custom design for your coffee bag, you should have your product at the back of your mind.

The design should give your consumers insight into what to expect when they taste the product. The first way you can accomplish this is by using colors. It has been proven that people, psychologically, tend to associate different colors with different emotional states of the mind.

Some colors give out a calming, soothing aura, while some convey a robust, more energetic kind of vibe.  You should choose a color that elicits a feeling similar to what your product would. You can also use graphics to enhance the image of your product. A particular graphic can strike the consumer's attention because it looks appealing, and as a result, they may end up buying your product.

The secret to a great design, however, is simplicity. You should try to avoid overcomplicating designs, e.g., using too many colors or adding too many graphics, as this may put off your potential customer. Also, try to be original, do not use a design that has already been overused in the market.

Who Is Your Competitor?


Before coming up with a custom design for your coffee packaging bags, you should identify your competitors. Knowing your opponents and what they offer the consumers is the key to knowing how to position your brand in the market.

Every top-performing brand has a secret to its success. Similarly, brands that consumers shun usually make avoidable mistakes in the course of their production or marketing. By analyzing both of them, you can develop a strategy that will work for you.

You should emphasize exploiting the gaps left by your competitors’ weak points. For example, if consumers don’t like a certain design on a coffee brand that is doing fairly well, you can tweak the design or come up with a better design and introduce it to the market.

The Coffee Bag Types


The type of coffee bean bag also plays a huge role when customizing. Not every plastic bag for coffee is the same. Coffee packaging bags differ depending on their specific usage. Below are some of the most common coffee bean bag types that you could choose from:

The Flat Bottom Bags


If you’re looking for a bag that can allow you to incorporate different styles and designs into your coffee bag, then this is it. As the name suggests, it is flat-bottomed, hence can stand upright and carry tinier bags.

Pillow Bags


These bags come in small sizes so that you can use them in one serving.  Despite their small size, you can still brand your products fine. Consumers love them because they are usually cheap.

Stand Up Bags


They are also commonly referred to as Doypacks. Doypacks are flat and rounded at the bottom, while the top is flat. This makes them resemble a triangle. You can customize them by adding zippers to open and seal them. You can either hang it on a wall or shelf or let it stand on its own.

Side-Gusset Bags


Also known as the side fold bags, these coffee packaging bags are the strongest. Their bottom is flat, and they have adhesives for sealing the top after usage.

You can have a look at some of these coffee packaging Singapore bags here: As a roaster, you should ensure that you incorporate all the factors above when creating a custom coffee bean bag for your business.

Many people underestimate the impact of customizing coffee bean bag and make it their last priority. Trust me; this is the biggest mistake you can make. No matter how good your product is, consumers will breeze past it and pick a substandard product solely because it is well-packaged.

Today’s coffee market is very competitive; the slightest detail can make a huge difference. You should always strive to come up with the most eye-catching design.

In a nutshell, the above guide should help you customize your coffee packaging bags to match your brand's identity.