Pros and Cons of Kraft Paper Bags

Pros and Cons of Kraft Paper Bags
Authored By Eva

Environmentally-friendly bags are becoming the new norm, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that companies are using them to package their products. Among these eco-friendly packaging solutions are kraft paper bags. If you are into conserving the environment, you have certainly heard of them.

However, if you haven’t heard of kraft paper bags, this article has everything you need to know about them, including the common types and their pros & cons. 


What Are Kraft Paper Bags?

These are papers produced from a durable and eco-friendly material: wood pulp. Its source is the reason why kraft paper bags are extremely durable, and as such, kraft papers are used to make even packaging cartons. Furthermore, it is a tear resistant paper.

Also, kraft paper is a highly versatile packaging paper that can be transformed into many packages ideal for both home and business use.


Kraft Paper Types

These papers are classified into several types based on their material and design. However, we will talk about the two major types used as home and business packaging solutions.


Natural Kraft Paper

This is an excellent go-to choice if you want a heavy-duty packaging solution. It is also an environmentally-friendly packaging solution, so you will also reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

Again, in terms of this paper as a packaging solution, you will not be disappointed with its origin and biodegradability.

This paper is sourced from wood pulp, meaning it is extremely affordable, and if customizability is among your priorities, then this is a great choice.

Regarding versatility, this paper presents incredible flexibility. This is particularly helpful for business owners. For instance, you can use it for making packages of all sizes, from small envelopes to larger packaging solutions like wrapping paper and paper bags.

On top of that, this paper will guarantee you get the most suitable aesthetically pleasing package, which is vital for business. Their rustic feel offers an appealing appearance, which is why this paper is perfect for your business.



It is incredibly versatile

It is affordable.

It is magnificent, with a rustic feel.



While you may love the natural kraft papers, they do come with some downsides, including:

They are brown, and unless you color them, they might not be so appealing to some customers.

They have pores that allow moisture to access the contents of your package.


Bleached Kraft Paper

As pointed out, kraft paper comes in brown color, which might not be appealing to some customers. For this reason, we are giving you an alternative: bleached kraft paper. It is aesthetically pleasing as it is white.

Besides, it is highly printable, which makes it stand out from other paper options. When it comes to smoothness, this paper is smoother than the natural kraft paper.

Besides, the smoothness makes it easy to print, hence a perfect choice for businesses, especially if you want to incorporate your logo or a message on your packages. Another advantage of bleached kraft paper is that it will present barrier properties to your packaging boxes.

Additionally, if you want to keep your packaged contents safe against contaminants like moisture, bleached kraft paper is the way to go. This is thanks to the polyethylene or wax coating included, which keeps your products moisture-free.

Something else to keep in mind is that this paper offers wide versatility and, therefore, can be used to package numerous products. It is perfect for packaging industrial products, gifts, and even food! Finally, there is a lot that is expected from this packaging option, especially because it packages foodstuff.



This paper comes in white color, making it highly printable.

This kraft paper is highly versatile and can be used to package a wide range of products.

It won’t allow moisture to access the contents in the package or any other contaminants.



It presents a few extra packaging expenses to bleach it, making it more expensive than the natural kraft options.

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