The Benefits of Custom Poly Mailers

The Benefits of Custom Poly Mailers


Several E-Commerce entrepreneurs undervalue the significance of company shipping selections, especially the packing procedures. Maybe it's just the unfamiliarity with the technicalities in E-commerce shipments and packaging, not knowing the right questions to ask or choices to contemplate.

If not correctly answered, the subject of packaging solution always results in financial losses incurred on the shipment. Some brands are still using conventional boxes. But no one is to blame except the obliviousness of superior shipping options like the poly mailer bags.

What’s a poly mailer?


A poly mailer bag is a   lightweight, sturdy, inexpensive mailing bag composed of polyethylene. It acts as weather-resistant protection between the products and the water, preventing damage throughout transportation and afterward. It, however, is not appropriate for any brand or commodity because it's essentially a plastic bag, it's less likely to protect fragile goods. It’s more of a huge, water-resistant envelope.

What are The Benefits Of Custom Poly Mailers


Many entrepreneurs are oblivious of several advantages of using a custom poly mailer. It may be a key difference maker if you consider the benefits, which include,



Countless complicated variables, such as transportation distances and item mass, can influence packing and transportation costs. Throughout all these circumstances, a poly mailer remains the least priced alternative. They are compactly designed and have a small weight. While calculating shipping costs based on weight, employing a custom poly mailer adds significantly less mass than boxes.

With multidimensional packaging, a poly mailer assumes the form of the packed product. On the other hand, shipping products in boxes increases the dimensional mass, regardless of whether the box is just a few millimeters bigger than the object.

You could also be able to acquire poly mailers for free. Dependent on the shipper you choose and the resources you utilize, some might give out the custom poly mailer for free. FedEx, for instance, offers free parking to anyone with a registered profile. Check with the shipping carrier to see whether you qualify for this deal.



A poly mailer is a versatile mailing medium. It bests the Unboxes, which must be comparable to the size of the object being transported. A poly mailer may accommodate products of varied dimensions and forms.

A postcard, a shoe box, or coats may all be transported within a single poly envelope. This is advantageous for firms that offer a variety of commodities in various sizes and forms since several products may utilize a single poly mailer size.

Branding and marketing


A custom poly mailer bag allows you to market your brand for free. While it doesn't give the same unwrapping sensation as a carton, it is nevertheless an eye-catching technique to get the gaze of a buyer.

When you are not running an online store, a custom poly mailer may aid you to stand out from the crowd. Customers frequently carefully save these wrappers from recycling them. And, by doing so, they keep reinforcing the existence of your trademark.

Additional Security


You are the expert in your brand. Use the bubble wrap coated poly envelope when you believe your goods require an additional layer. You may select alternatives for the textile item that is unlikely to be harmed in transportation. The main point is that bespoke poly mailers provide you with options.

Aside from such possibilities, you got the chance to tamper-evident packaging, ensuring that the buyer understands how to handle it appropriately. Before actually transporting the merchandise, check the weather patterns. Poly mailers may be weatherproof but shipping your products when the weather is not at its extreme guarantees more safety.



Poly mailers may also be a highly useful shipping product. Depending on the number of products you transport in a specified timeframe, you might be required to stockpile enormous quantities of goods. The custom poly mailer compact design will allow you to store your goods discreetly instead of enormous piles of different containers.

Furthermore, a poly mailer may be recycled or reused. And, to some point, they come with a second sticky line on poly mailers to aid in resealing and reuse. It is a significant benefit for businesses and shoppers concerned about ecological issues.

Further, if you wrap a  poly mailer only to find you failed to include a  receipt, the reseal function will help you avoid unnecessary tension. It also makes it easy for customers to return wrongfully purchased products.

When should you use a custom poly mailer?


A custom poly mailer is ideal for less fragile items and less likely to be pounded in transit. This includes items such as

  • Apparel
  • Bedroom supplies
  • stationary
  • Journals

Generally, something soft or hard to harm with compression may be shipped in a poly mailer. Consider the many conditions they will face during shipment. These include being thrown, reloaded, unpacked, slipping into containers, squished between items, and other similar activities. Consider if such circumstances would be detrimental to the object. A t-shirt, for instance, may easily withstand all of these scenarios without getting damaged.

When to avoid custom poly mailers


A fragile product requires some containment, such as bubble wrap, to reach the client's premises undamaged. It may still be affected by force, stress, or other transportation circumstances. In such scenarios, a poly mailer is to be avoided. Objects to avoid sending in a poly mailer comprise

  • Glassware
  • Computers
  • Stationery that must not be twisted or curled
  • Dolls and plastic products with broken parts
  • Fluid jars that might shatter or seep under stress

Imagine your product in the worst-case scenarios that it may encounter during delivery. Whether you're concerned about how it will fair, it's probably best to tread on the part of precaution and forgo shipping in a poly mailer.

Final thoughts


Poly mailers are an excellent choice for many enterprises. Delivering in poly mailers correlates with substantial savings, ease, and other advantages. It's worth exploring whether you can save a few bucks and simplify your shipping life with a poly mailer. Contact with QQStudio to get more custom poly mailer bag solutions!