Best Coffee Packaging Solutions for Christmas

Best Coffee Packaging Solutions for Christmas
Authored By Eva


Still on a mission to give your gifts an extra special touch this Christmas? Well, the search ends now! We’ve got some fantastic packaging solutions for you. But hold on. There’s even more to consider when it comes to giving presents.
We know the holiday season can get busy. For sure, there are ads that need designing deadlines to meet, and with all of that done, you still need to worry about competition. So why not get ahead? Plan for Christmas in July, start your packaging preparations early, and play it smart, especially when stores are filled with people trying to get the same advantage as you and website traffic doubles.
Now, let's talk about packaging. QQ Studio® has put together a list of suggestions on how to approach your Christmas packaging design:

1.       Coffee Beans


It's a nice touch to let your coffee package indicate the type of roast – be it dark, light, or medium and provide information about the coffee's flavor notes, profile, and recommended brewing method.
How much detail should you add? It’s entirely up to you, but if we had any recommendations, it would be less is more.

2.       Red and Green Christmas Colors


The first two colors you think of when it comes to Christmas are red and green. And while they find their use in traditional ornaments and festive trees, they can be used for much more than that. A way to bring the holiday season directly into your brand’s packaging is by simply using these two colors. With just a little splash of red and green, it instantly shows people what time of year it is.

3.       Embossing


Your brand’s logo is very important. It’s the icon that holds everything together, making sure that anytime someone sees it, they know exactly who made it. To make yours stand out even more, one option is embossing and debossing. The former is especially so for high-end businesses because this technique makes your box look like a 3D masterpiece with the added benefit of having a tactile feature. The shiny effect from hot stamping goes great with embossing, too.
Pro tip: Embossing looks especially stunning on unique boxes like magnetic closures or ones with handles on them.

4.       Tell the Story of Your Brand


This is an opportunity to connect with your audience and share how your brand came to be. Your vision and mission should be shared as well. You know, there’s a fascinating story behind it all like the coffee farmers you work with or trying to find the perfect coffee beans. So don’t be afraid to dive deep into those details. It’s a chance for people to get to know you better.


5.       Your Coffee Packaging Matters


Coffee packaging has come a long way, even in sustainability. These days, most coffee packaging is CO2-neutral, meaning it won't release any greenhouse gases into the air. However, they don’t stop there. There are many initiatives that aim to offset production-related emissions in the countries where coffee is produced. But now, the focus is on making all packaging recyclable by using mono-material bags. Some brands argue against biodegradable materials because they can release harmful toxins into the soil if not properly filtered out in processing facilities.


6.       Print a Christmas-themed Hashtag


A simple hashtag on your packaging can persuade customers to visit your website and engage with your brand more than anything else would, believe it or not. This clever marketing strategy lets you leverage something as simple as your packaging for promotion purposes. You can even create a hashtag sticker – holiday stickers are readily available, or you can use a service to design and print custom stickers.

7.       Evoke Inspiration from Rustic Styles


When it comes to rustic styles, the simplicity and warm, earthy tones can really enhance a product. Whether it’s in the colors or design elements, there’s no doubt that this type of style can give your product some great appeal.


Wrap Up

Your coffee packaging should be attractive, tell a story about your brand, and maintain the high quality of the product. So those are the essentials of packaging that are effective for coffee products, advice on how to design it properly, and even some trends in the industry that you should pay attention to. You’ll want to make sure yours has all these factors so it stands out from others.


Your ideal coffee package should include all the essential components to set it apart from the competition. And if all of that seems like a lot to handle, let a qualified designer guide you.