Merry Christmas Design Stand Up Pouch with Clear Window - 2 Sytles Mix/Pack
QQ STUDIO's "Merry Christmas" design stand-up pouch(3395). This pouch has a clear window and offers the following features: HOLIDAY DESIGN: Christmas themed graphics to better complement the holiday spirit.TRANSPARENT WINDOW: Easy for customers to see the contents of the bag.Vertical...
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Basket Shape Christmas Stand Up Pouch with Hang Hole and Clear Bottom - 2 Sytles Mix/Pack
QQ Studio basket shaped Christmas stand up bag makes a great statement about the holiday season(3396). With a handle and clear bottom, this bag has the following features: BASKET DESIGN: Unique basket design and with Christmas themed pattern, it is...
from $72.20
One side Clear One side with Shop Shape Printing Stand Up Pouch w/Hole - 4 Sytle Mix/Pack
QQ Studio One Side Clear, One Side with Shop Shape Printing Stand-Up protrude with a Hole(3391), specialised plan for boys and girls!Product Highlights: - New design with one side featuring a window for product visibility- One side adorned with charming...
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Glossy Foil Mylar Stand Up Zip Lock Sweety Candy Bag Chrismas Gift Stocking
Introducing our festal glossy spoil mylar stand up up zip lock sweet candy bag (C01-378), especially studied to add a touch of joy to your Christmas give stockings. With its vivacious and shiny appearance, this bag is sure to catch everyone's attention. - insurance premium Foil Mylar Material: Our candy bag is made from high-quality...
from $182.00
Recyclable Plastic Chrismas Gift Stocking Flat Zip Lock Bag - White+Red
Reusable Plastic undefined present Stocking Flat zip Lock Bag(C01-269), a convenient packaging root for Christmas gifts and goodies. Key Features:1. Christmas-themed Design: The pocket features a gay undefined stocking design, adding a touch of holiday inspire to your gift packaging...
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High Quality Matte Mylar Three Side Seal Pouch - Black
from $70.00
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High Quality Matte Mylar Three Side Seal Pouch - Black
QQ Studio Tear Resistance Matte Mylar Three Side Seal Pouch (C01-103-3), this bag is a really popular product of ours, which is highly favored for its classic shape and superior quality: 1. METAL MATERIAL: Our this bag is made of...
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QUIQRETORT™ Steam Ovenable Three Side Seal Retort Pouch Soup Bag
Introducing our revolutionary QUIQRETORT™ Steam Ovenable Three Side Seal rejoin pop out Soup Bag (C01-127), the ultimate root for packaging and warming soups and other liquid-based food products. This bulge is specifically designed to stand tauten high-temperature steam ovens, providing convenience, safety, and optimum solid state state food quality. Key...
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Premium Foil Stand Up Pouch - Elevate Your Packaging Game
Introducing our Two-Sided Multi-Matte& slick magazine colour High-Quality Foil Stand Up Pouch(C01-302-04-05-07-10-15), the perfect packaging solution for your insurance premium products. This stand-up pouch combines functionality and title to enhance the presentation and preservation of your items. Key Features:1. Convenient...
from $83.00