Glossy Silver Aluminum Foil Zip Lock Bag - Premium Quality, Food Grade, Moisture-proof, Reusable
Glossy Silver Aluminum Foil flat zip lock Bag(C01-207), this is one of our high-end products, the whole package is made of high-quality aluminium Foil material: This is unity of our high-end products, the whole box is made of high-quality Al...
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Heat Sealable Vacuumable Matte Silver Aluminium Three Side Seal Pouch Long-term Storage Bags
Introducing QUIQVAC™ Al foil vacuum bags(S01-107), the hone solution for storing a wide range of products while conserving their quality and freshness. Whether it's food items, electronics, or pharmaceuticals, our bags provide victor protection against oxygen, moisture, and light, ensuring the integrity of your products. Key Features: 1. Food-Grade...
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Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Silver Sustainable Stand Up Pouch
We offer heavy-duty aluminum bilk silver sustainable stand up upward pouches(C01-308). Our pouches are premeditated to provide durability, sustainability, and convenience for your publicity needs. - Heavy-Duty Construction: The thick spoil twist provides first-class barrier properties, protective the table of contents from moisture, oxygen, and light.- silver medal property Design: The property...
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Leak-Proof Aluminium Spout Pouch - Convenient Packaging and Storage Solution (100ML - 1.5L)
Introducing our Leak-Proof Aluminium Spout Pouch (C01-406), the top of the line solution for your packaging and depot needs. This pouch is designed with convenience and reliability in mind. Here's why our pouch stands out: 1. Spout and Zip-Lock Seal: The combination...
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Double-Sided Glossy Silver Aluminum Foil Spout Pouch for Liquids
Introducing our Double-Sided Glossy Silver Aluminum baffle Spout Pouch (C01-405), the perfect packaging solution for your liquid products. This spout protrude combines functionality, convenience, and enduringness to meet your promotion needs. Here's why our pouch stands out: 1. Easy running...
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Glossy Silver Aluminum Foil Spout Pouch with Handle for Hand Sanitizer
Introducing our Glossy Silver Aluminum Foil spurt Pouch with Handle(C01-413), the perfect pull for storing and dispensing your give sanitizer and unusual liquidness or powder-based products. This versatile pouch offers convenience, functionality, and reliability. Here's wherefore our pouch stands out: 1. Spout for soft Pouring: The gush design ensures easy and restricted...
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Food Grade High Temperature Vacuumable Silver Sterilization Aluminium Foil Heat Sealable Three Side Seal Retort Pouch
Introducing our food-grade, high temperature resistant rejoin pouch(C01-163), designed to cater dependable and procure publicity for your solid food products. Made from aluminum foil, this pouch offers surpassing heat resistance and ensures the safety and timber of your prepackaged food. Key Features:1. High Temperature Resistance: Our retort come...
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Superior Matte Aluminium Foil Three Side Seal Pouch - Black
from $114.00
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Superior Matte Aluminium Foil Three Side Seal Pouch - Black
QQ Studio Matte Aluminium Foil Three Side Seal Pouch(C01-119), this is one of our square promotional material pouches and it is very popular: 1. High quality: our this pouch is successful of high quality atomic number 13 foil material to...
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