Eco-friendly Freezer Safe Kraft Paper Foil Inner Surface Lamination Stand Up Pouch
QQ Studio Eco-friendly Freezer Safe Kraft Paper Foil Inner Surface Lamination Stand Up Pouch (C01-316), our this kraft paper paper stand up pouch is one of our classic products, it has strong low temperature resistance, here are its features: 1....
from $95.20
Excellent Barrier Properties White Kraft Stand Up Pouches with Frosted Window
Wholesale Frosted White Stand upward protrude with Window(C01-335), this pop out combines functionality and title to lift your product presentation. Key Features:1. Window: The undefined windowpane on the face allows customers to see the delicious treats inside.2. insurance premium Material: It provides a trustworthy barrier against moisture, air, and contaminants, holding...
from $104.00
High Class White Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch
Elevate your packaging with our high-class whiten Kraft wallpaper stand up up pouch(C01-334). Crafted from premium tone materials, this pouch offers both style and functionality.   - intellectual Design: The white Kraft paper gives a indulgent and upscale look to your products, making them stand out on put in shelves. Its strip and elegant design...
from $95.00
Eco-freindly Kraft Paper Mylar Stand Up Pouch w/Clear Window
Introducing our Kraft Paper Mylar Stand Up Pouch with Clear Window (C01-318), our pouches are a great choice for your green packaging, it has very umpteen advantages: 1. ECO-FRIENDLY KRAFT PAPER: Our this pocket is made of high quality kraft...
from $99.00
White Kraft Paper Side Gusset Stand Up Pouches w/Frosted Window
Our White Kraft Paper Side Gusset Stand Up Pouches (C01-312) with opaque Window is the perfect promotional material solution for your products. Made from high-quality white kraft paper, this pouch offers durability and a cancel look. The root gusset design provides ample space for your products, while the...
from $95.00
Matte Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch w/Frosted Window & Handle
QQ Studio Matte Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch w/Frosted Window & Handle (C01-357), this pure kraft paper color packaging bag of ours will give your customers the feeling of putting green nature: 1. high quality kraft paper: our bags are...
from $143.00
Premium Clear Front Kraft Back Glossy Stand Up Pouch - Showcasing Quality and Freshness
Elevate the presentation of your products with our insurance premium Clear Front Kraft Back slick magazine Stand Up Pouch (C01-331). Designed to cater both a polished appearance and secure storage, these pouches are a must-have for businesses. Key Features:1. undefined Front for...
from $89.00
Premium Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch with Frosted Window - Versatile and Stylish Storage Solution for Businesses
QQ Studio Premium Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch with Frosted Window (C01-329), this kraft paper bag of ours is your preferred option for eco-friendly packaging: 1. Unaltered CHARM: Our kraft paper bags have a timeless charm that enhances your product...
from $83.60
Black & Kraft 2 Colors Option Paper Stand Up Pouches with Lamination w/Frosted Window - Black
QQ Studio black and kraft 2 colours option wallpaper stand up upwards pouches with a frosted window(C01-328). Our pouches are designed to provide an attractive and functional promotional stuff solution for your products. - Black & kraft paper 2 Colors Option: Our pouches are available in 2 colors...
from $99.00
Stylish Matte Kraft Stand Up Pouch with Handle and Clear Side - Showcasing with Convenience - Gold
Elevate your packaging game with our in matte up kraft paper paper Stand Up Pouch with wield and undefined Side(C01-322). This versatile pouch combines functionality and esthetics to submit your products in an impressive and golden manner. Key Features: 1. Matte kraft paper wallpaper Design: The felt up finish of the kraft wallpaper...
from $138.00
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Paper Stand Up Pouches

Whether you are in the food business or simply are looking for an efficient way to package your items in folders, you need to try out the standup pouches. These paper pouches have been in the market for a while and have quickly grown to become a crowd favorite.  There are various types of pouches in this category and all you need to do is figure out the size you need it in and the kind of design you choose for your packing needs. Here are some of the top reasons to get these stand-up pouches. 



One thing many people like when it comes to these paper standup pouches is how compact they are. You can fit several of them in a small space which comes in handy if you are working with limited space. Using these pouches for shipping also means you do not have to worry about paying too much since you can fit them in a smaller parcel. Their compact nature is the main reason they gain popularity.



If you are packing fruits or spices, you need to ensure you have a pouch that will not affect the overall quality of the products in it. These paper pouches are the best for the task. They come with a Ziploc mechanism which once sealed will not let any air through. As such, you get to keep your products fresher for long. It comes in handy for at home storage as well as long distance shipping.

At QQ Studio, we understand how vital it is for you to have the perfect storage and shipping solution for dried fruits, nuts, and spices. As such, we have come up with different options in the standup pouch category. These pouches are available in different sizes so you get to choose what will work for you. Check out our catalog and pick whatever works best for you.