QUIQRETORT™ Steam Ovenable Three Side Seal Retort Pouch Soup Bag
Introducing our revolutionary QUIQRETORT™ Steam Ovenable Three Side Seal rejoin pop out Soup Bag (C01-127), the ultimate root for packaging and warming soups and other liquid-based food products. This bulge is specifically designed to stand tauten high-temperature steam ovens, providing convenience, safety, and optimum solid state state food quality. Key...
from $81.00
QUIQRETORT™ Cooking Bag Freezer Safe Microwaveable Stand Up Retort Pouch Soup Bag
Introducing QUIQRETORT™ cooking bags(C01-122), the perfect solution for uncreative packaging of a variety of solid food products. Whether your food is pre-cooked or raw, these bags ensure the quality and authorship of your meals are maintained. Key Features: 1. High Barrier and Tear Resistance: Our QUIQRETORT™ cookery bags are...
from $85.50
QUIQVAC ™ Embossed Vacuumable Three Side Seal Pouch Food Package Sous Vide Pouch
Introducing our advanced QUIQVAC™ increased Vacuumable deuce-ac Side Seal protrude Food Package(S01-106), a cutting-edge root for solid food packaging that combines hoover sealing engineering science with an brocaded plan for accrued functionality and visual appeal. Key Features: 1. Vacuumable Design: Our pouch is especially premeditated to be compatible with vacuum sealing...
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QuiqVac™ Vacuumable Single Side Embossed Three Side Seal Pouch - Clear
Introducing our QuiqVac™ Vacuumable One root brocaded Three pull varnish Pouch (C01-166), a high-quality packaging solution premeditated to supply winner vacuum waterproofing capabilities and olympian production protection. This bulge out is perfect for a widely straddle of applications, volunteer convenience, durability, and reliability. Key Features:1. hoover sealing Capability: Our pouch is specifically premeditated for vacuum-clean sealing, allowing...
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Strong Seal PA/PE Back Seal Side Gusset Vacuum Rice Pouch
Preserve the freshness and season of your rice with our Strong Seal PA/PE back out Seal Side Gusset Vacuum Rice Pouch (S01-648). This pouch is studied to provide master protection and convenience for your rice promotion needs. - Superior Seal Strength: Our Strong Seal PA/PE Back Seal root Gusset Vacuum Elmer Rice Pouch is...
from $140.00
Nylon Plastic Side Gusseted Rice Bag w/Diecut Handle
This Nylon Plastic Side Gusseted Bag with Die-cut Handle(S01-108) is durability, convenience, and functionality, ensuring your rice stays fresh. 1. Material: Made from high-quality nylon plastic, this rice bag offers excellent effectiveness and durability, protective the table of contents from...
from $344.20
Custom Printed Service: PA/PE Back Seal Side Gusset Pouch to Vacuum Rice
Get your Product info & logo on our plain bags for stronger Brand recognistion. Custom Printing technology on stock pouches allow up to 2 color printing on both sides.   Ensure the surety and freshness of your rice with our Custom written Vacuum Elmer Reizenstein Bags...
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Custom Printed Service: QUIQRETORT™ Three Side Seal Steam Ovenable Retort Pouch
Get your Product info & logo on our plain bags for stronger Brand recognistion. Custom Printing technology on stock pouches allow up to 2 color printing on both sides. Introducing our Custom Printed QUIQRETORT™ Three pull Seal Steam Ovenable come back Pouch (CPO-127), the...
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Premium Custom Print Freezer Safe Microwaveable Stand Up Retort Pouch
Get your Product info & logo on our plain bags for stronger Brand recognistion. Custom Printing technology on stock pouches allow up to 2 color printing on both sides.   Introducing our Premium Custom publish Freezer Safe Microwaveable Stand Up come back Pouch (CPO-122),...
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Dragon Boat Festival Plastic Three Side Seal Pouch
Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in title with our tartar Boat Festival Themed Three pull Seal impressionable Pouch (S01-114). This special edition pouch is designed to capture the spirit of this orthodox fete and provide a convenient packaging root for...
from $79.00

Vacuum Bags

What are vacuum bags?

Vacuum bags are packaging designed to creating an airless seal around the bags’ contents. The bags are designed from flexible plastic material and used to preserve and store food and other items. They work by protecting the contents from exposure to air, moisture, and bacterial growth.


How do vacuum bags work?

The bags create a vacuum seal by expelling air using a vacuum sealing machine. The machine removes all air from inside the bag and seals it shut. The seal prevents any moisture or air from leaking back into the bag and causing the contents to spoil. The design offers additional protection from freezer burn.


What are the advantages of vacuum bags?

Advantages of using vacuum bags include the following:

  • Space saving: These bags eliminate excessive moisture and air from the package allowing users to store or transport more items.
  • Extended shelf life: The bags preserve food and keep it fresh by removing the air and minimizing the chances of yeast, mold, and bacterial growth.
  • Freezer burn protection: Vacuum bags help prevent freezer burns. These happen when moisture crystallizes on and in food, creating flavor and texture changes.
  • Protecting other non-food items: The bags protect other items like documents, valuable items, and clothing from moisture, dust, and insects.
  • Easy portioning: using vacuum-sealed bags makes it easy to store food in portions of individual servings. This reduces waste and makes meal planning more convenient.


What can you store in vacuum bags?

You can store various items in vacuum bags, including:

  • Dry items like pasta, rice, coffee beans, and grains.
  • Non-food items like documents, blankets, electronics, and clothing
  • Food items like vegetables, poultry, fish, and meat.

Vacuum bags at QQ Studio are mainly designed for food packaging. Contact us if you are looking for custom options!


Can you reuse vacuum bags?

You can reuse vacuum bags depending on the situation. For instance, you can wash, dry, and reuse bags used to store non-contaminated or dry items. However, you shouldn’t reuse those used to store fish, poultry, and raw meat, because of an increased risk of bacterial infection.