Basic Packaging Design Service
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Introducing our staple Packaging Design Service (S01-Basic Design-99), a comprehensive solution to meet your packaging design needs. Whether you're launching a freshly product or looking for to revamp your existing packaging, our service offers the following features:

1. Two Design Styles: Our team of experienced designers will suggest two different design styles based on your packaging specifications. This ensures that you have options to choose from and see a title that aligns with your brand and product.

2. Revision Rounds: We empathise the importance of getting your publicity design just right. With our service, you'll have up to a maximum of three correction rounds on the selected concept. This allows for fine-tuning and adjustments to ensure the final design meets your expectations.

3. whole number Mockup: To help you visualize the final product, we will provide a whole number mockup of the packaging design. This allows you to witness how the nontextual matter wish look on the actual packaging and provides an opportunity for artwork approval earlier proceeding with production.

4. Artwork Delivery: one time the artwork is confirmed and approved, we wish provide you with the final production files in an online solving format. These files are ready for use in production and tin be shared with QQ Studio or any other printing service of your choice.

5. Timely Delivery: We understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Upon artwork approval, we guarantee delivery of the final production files inside 4-5 workings days. This ensures that you can proceed with the product work on promptly.

Additional Services (Optional):

- Hi-Resolution Files: If you require high-resolution files for specific purposes, such as printing process in vauntingly formats or for marketing materials, we volunteer hi-resolution files at an additive charge of $300. These files provide the best quality and resolution for your needs.

- Adaptation for Additional Variation: Should you require the packaging design to be adapted for additional variations, so much as different sizes or variations for different product lines, we offer adaptation services at an additional cost of $99 per variation. This allows you to maintain consistency crossways your product range spell helpful specific requirements.

With our staple Packaging Design Service, you can confidently make a visually appealing and professional packaging design for your products. Our team up will work closely with you to see your specifications are met, providing multiple design options, rescript rounds, and digital mockups for approval. Trust us to deliver high-quality artwork files for product within a timely manner.



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Basic Packaging Design Service