Custom Made Foil Three Side Seal Pouch
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Custom Made: Three Side Seal Pouch
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Custom design your own Branded bag for your product


At our online store, we specialize in creating custom successful queer terzetto root varnish pouches that are trim to your specific packaging needs(CMO-100). Our pouches are studied with high-quality materials to see to it the freshness and tribute of your products. Here's why our custom-made foil three root varnish pouches are the hone choice: 

- Personalized Packaging: We sympathise the grandness of unusual packaging solutions. Our pouches can be customized to contact your specific requirements, including dimensions, branding, and specialised features.

- Secure tercet root Seal: The three pull seal closure provides a fasting and procure seal, retention your products fresh and protected from undefined elements.

- High-Quality Materials: We use insurance premium materials in the production of our pouches, ensuring strength and reliability.

- Versatile Applications: Our custom-made pouches are right for a widely range of products, including food, snacks, cosmetics, and more.

Experience the convenience and reliability of our custom made thwart three side seal pouches. Elevate your product promotion with our personal solutions.


Details & Features

  • Model Code: CMO-100
  • Material:  BOPP/MOPP+VMPET+PE
  • Temp. Tolerance: -20°C to 80°C (For high temp. tolerance, please contact with us)
  • Color(Front/Inside/Back): Based on your design
  • Surface(Front/Back): Based on your choice
  • Outer Size: Refer To Chart Below
  • Inner Size: Refer To Chart Below
  • Thickness : Refer To Chart Below
  • Style: Flat
  • Production Certified: BPA Free, FDA, SGS
  • **Colors and Sizes may vary slightly in-hand.
  • For optimum color match,please provide CMYK#


Outer Size** Inner Size** Thickness/mm Capacity
Powder/g Coffee Bean/g Liquid/ml
4x6cm 3x5.5cm 0.1
8 4 /
5x8cm 4x7.5cm 15 7 5
6x9cm 5x8.5cm 18
8 10
7x10cm 6x9.5cm 25 13 15
7x12cm 6x11.5cm 30
15 30
8x12cm 7x11.5cm 35 20 35
10x12cm 9x11.5cm 50 30 50
10x15cm 9x14.5cm 60 40 150
12.2x17cm 10.6x16.2cm 160 75 190
12x18cm 11x17.5cm 170 85 200
14x20cm 13x19.2cm 270 130
16x24cm 14.4x23.2cm 470
220 500
17.5x27.5cm 15.9x26.7cm 500
300 900
18x26cm 16.4x25.2cm 0.12 800 380 800
22x27.5cm 20.4x26.7cm 0.14 1100 520 1150
22x31cm 20.4x30.2cm 0.14 1300 650 1350



Size tolerance :+/- 1 to 3mm 

⭐ ⭐ Powder capacity guide based on test measurement with flour 

   Bean Capacity is based on coffee beans 

    Fluid capacity is based on water



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