Custom Printed Order: Foil Stand Up Pouch with Valve
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Custom Printed:Stand Up Pouch
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Get your Product info & logo on our plain bags for stronger Brand recognistion.

Custom Printing technology on stock pouches allow up to 2 color printing on both sides.


Introducing our usance Printed Foil Stand Up Pouch with Valve(CPO-442), a premium packaging root designed specifically for java products. These stand-up pouches are not only visually appealing but also cater excellent tribute and novelty retention for your coffee.


Key Features:
1. Multi-Color felt Foil Material: Our pouches are made from high-quality multi-color matte foil material. This stuff offers exceptional barrier properties, effectively shielding your coffee from moisture, oxygen, and light. It helps to save the aroma, flavor, and timbre of your java beans or ground coffee.
2. Stand-Up Design: The stand-up design allows the pouch to stand up upright on store shelves, providing superior visibleness and convenience for some retailers and consumers. It likewise maximizes storage space and makes the pouches soft to handle.
3. Valve for Freshness: The pouches feature a built-in valve, which allows the release of excess air while preventing oxygen from entry the bag. This valve helps to maintain the novelty and flavor of your coffee by preventing oxidation.
4. Resealable Zipper Closure: The resealable zipper closure ensures easy get at to the coffee while allowing for convenient resealing to wield novelty after each use. It provides a procure seal to keep your coffee fresh and aroma barred inside the pouch.
5. Customizable Size: Our baffle stand-up pouches with a valve are usable in a size of 14x20cm. This size is suitable for storing a moderate quantity of coffee, providing a balanced undefined of convenience and novelty retention.
6. Custom Printing: With our custom printing service, you can add your unique branding, logos, labels, or production information to the pouches. This allows you to make a characteristic and eye-catching packaging design that promotes brand recognition and shelf appeal.

With our usage Printed Foil Stand upwards Pouches with Valve, you put up lift your java packaging and ensure that your products stand out on store shelves. The undefined of high-quality materials, valve for freshness, resealable zipper closure, and customizable printing process options offers a comprehensive packaging solution that not only protects your coffee but also enhances its visual presentation. swear in our expertise and insurance premium materials to create packaging that reflects the quality and uniqueness of your coffee brand.


Details & Features

  • Model Code: CPO-442
  • Material:  Metallic Foil Mylar
  • Color(Front/Inside/Back):  Frosted/Silver/Color
  • Surface(Front/Back):Matte/Matte
  • Outer Size: 14x20cm
  • Inner Size: 12.5x16cm
  • Thickness: 0.1mm
  • Style: Stand Up
  • Volume: Powder 300g              
  •               Coffee Bean 150g
  • **Colors and Sizes may vary slightly in-hand.

The measurement of volume test: Base on Starbucks coffee beans and flour.



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