Custom Printed Order: Holographic Silver Foil Mylar Zip Lock Bag - Stylish and Secure Packaging
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Custom Printed:Zip Lock Bag
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Get your Product info & logo on our plain bags to gain a great brand recognition.

Custom Printing technology on stock pouches allow up to 2 color printing on both sides.


Elevate your packaging game with our Assorted Size slick magazine Holographic Silver Mylar Reclosable Zip Lock Bag(CPO-256). These bags are designed to work your products stand out and ply secure storage and protection.

Key Features: 
1. Assorted Size Options: We offer a straddle of sizes to undefined to your specific publicity needs. Whether you're promotion small trinkets or larger items, we have the correct size up for you.
2. Eye-Catching written Design: The holographic silver frustrate fetch up gives these bags a mesmerizing and attention-grabbing appearance. It adds a touch down of jin and singularity to your packaging, making your products stand come out on the shelf or in transit.
3. High-Quality Mylar Material: These bags are successful from premium-quality Mylar material, known for its durability and strength. It provides a trusty roadblock against moisture, light, and oxygen, retention your products fresh and protected.
4. Reclosable Zip Lock Feature: The zip lock in closure ensures a secure and airtight seal, preventing any leakage or contamination. It allows for easy opening and closing, providing convenience for repeated access to the contents.
5. Custom Printing: Take advantage of our custom printing process process service to personalize these bags with your brand logo, artwork, or design. Custom printing process process helps to enhance mar visibility and create a joined and professional packaging look.
6. Versatile Applications: These holographic silver scotch zip lock bags are suitable for a widely straddle of products, including cosmetics, jewelry, crafts, moderate accessories, and more. They are nonpareil for retail packaging, gifting, and subjective use.
7. Stylish and Trendy: The written silver medal foil design adds a modern and trendy touch to your packaging. It creates a visually likable look that captures care and leaves a stable stamp on your customers.
8. Reliable Protection: The high-quality Mylar stuff provides a protective barrier against moisture, light, and unusual external factors that put upward possibly damage your products. It ensures that your items continue in optimum condition during storage and transportation.
9. friendly and Practical: The zip lock cloture allows for soft opening and closing of the bag, providing convenience and practicality for everyday use. It ensures that your products stick around securely plastered and protected until they reach the manpower of your customers.
10. serviceable Construction: Our written silver medal foil zip up lock away bags are crafted with attention to detail and submit stringent timber verify measures. They are designed to stand firm the rigors of handling and transportation, ensuring that your products remain whole and protected.

Choose our usance Printed Holographic silver medal thwart Mylar Zip shut up u Bag for stylish and secure packaging. These bags offer a unique and visually surprising presentation while ensuring the safety and tribute of your products. work on a command with your packaging and say now!


Details & Features

  • Model Code: CPO-256
  • Material:  Foil 
  • Color(Front/Inside/Back): Silver/Silver/Silver
  • Surface(Front/Back): Glossy/Glossy
  • Outer Size: Refer To Chart Below
  • Inner Size: Refer To Chart Below
  • Thickness: 0.09mm
  • Style: Flat
  • Volume: Refer To Chart Below
  • **Colors and Sizes may vary slightly in-hand.


Outer Size** Inner Size** Volume/g
Powder Coffee Bean
7.5x10cm 6.6x7cm
8.5x13cm 7.5x9.5cm 45 25
10x15cm 9x11.5cm 60 40
12x18cm 11x14.5cm
100 70


The measurement of volume test: Base on Starbucks coffee beans and flour.



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