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Custom Printed:Zip Lock Bag
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Get your Product info & logo on our plain bags to gain a great brand recognition.

Custom Printing technology on stock pouches allow up to 2 color printing on both sides.


Make a lasting impression and enhance your brand awareness with our usage written QUIQHEAT™ Microwavable Zip lock away Bag (CPO-206). Perfect for ready-to-serve meals like soup, sauce, meat, and side dishes, this bag combines convenience, quality, and stigmatization in one package.

1. Custom Printing: add together your logo or designs to the bag, allowing you to showcase your stigmatise and create a unforgettable customer experience. stand up out from the competitor and reinforce your brand identity with all use.

2. Wide Range of tinge Options: pick out from a variety of colors to match your denounce esthetic and create a visually likeable promotional material solution. see the perfect distort that represents your brand and captures attention.

3. Rapid Heating: Our QUIQHEAT™ Microwavable Bag is studied for quick and efficient heating. With a rapid warming time of upward to 250°C/60 seconds, your customers can undefined their meals with tokenish waitress time.

4. Quick and Convenient Cooking: The zip lock feature ensures easy waterproofing and opening, allowing for promptly and convenient cooking. Your customers can heat up their meals in the bag, saving time and effort in the kitchen.

5. Retains Flavor and Freshness: The high-quality materials secondhand in our Microwavable zip up Lock Bag help to retain the flavor and freshness of the food. Your customers will enjoy delicious, well-preserved meals that smack simply as good as freshly cooked.

Take vantage of our Custom Printed QUIQHEAT™ Microwavable Zip Lock Bag to showcase your brand, ply convenient cookery options, and ensure the retentiveness of flavour and novelty in every meal. Elevate your brand and delight your customers with this versatile and realistic packaging solution.


Details & Features

  • Model Code: CPO-206
  • Material: Microwavable Recyclable Polyethylene Terephthalate(PET)
  • Color(Front/Inside/Back): Color/Color/Color
  • Surface(Front/Back): Glossy/Glossy
  • Outer Size: Refer To Chart Below
  • Inner Size: Refer To Chart Below
  • Thickness : Refer To Chart Below
  • Style: Flat
  • **Colors and Sizes may vary slightly in-hand.


Outer Size** Inner Size** Thickness/mm Volume/g
Powder Coffee Bean
8x12cm 7x8.5cm
9x13cm 8x9.5cm 40 30
10x15cm 9x11.5cm 70 40
12x20cm 11x16.5cm
140 80
14x20cm 13x16.5cm 220 100
16x24cm 14.4x19.8cm 350 170
18x26cm 16.4x21.8cm 570 300
20x30cm 18.4x25.8cm 680 410
22x32cm 20.4x27.8cm 1000 520
24x37cm 22.5x33cm 1300 600
26x38cm 24.4x34cm 1500 700
30x40cm 27.5x35cm 1800 800
12x18cm  11x14.5 cm 0.1
120 60


The measurement of volume test: Base on Starbucks coffee beans and flour.



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