Impulse Heat Sealer Manual Bags Sealer Heat Sealing Machine For Self Sealing Plastic Mylar Bags
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Heat Sealing Machine
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Introducing our Impulse Heat sealant Manual Bags Sealer (C01-601-100331), the perfect tool for sealing self-sealing plastic Mylar bags with ease. This heat sealing machine is premeditated to provide efficient and reliable sealing for a variety show of packaging applications.

Key Features:
- Impulse wake sealing technology for airtight and tamper-proof seals
manual of arms operation for precise control
varied compatibility with self-sealing plastic Mylar bags
- Compact and portable design
long-wearing twist for long-lasting use
- Time and cost-effective sealing solution

Machine Specifics: 

1.Color: Blue

2.Model: F-200

3.Dimensions: 300 x 210 x 110mm/12 x 8.3 x 4.3in

4.Seal Thickness: (0.3mm) 0.01in

5.Sealing Width: (2mm) 0.07in 

6.Impulse Power: 300W

7.Voltage: 220 V 

8.Max. Sealing Length: 8 inch (200mm)

9.Heating Time: 0.2-1.5 (s)

10.Plug: US

11. Warranty: 3 Months of Transformer Only


Free Gifts:

1. Seals ( Including 1PC of 2mm and 1PC of 5mm )

2. 1PC of QQ STUDIO® heat sealing limit iron sheet

3. UK Adapter Plug

Machine Usage:  

1.Hand impulse sealer does not require power switch (auto control). Plug the AC cord into 100-200v socket, adjust the heating time according to the thickness of sealed materials.    

2.Press the handle, circuit will controls the heating time automatically.

3.When the indicator goes out, the power supply is disconnected automatically.

4.Release handle after 1-2s to seal it.

*Color of product in hand may vary from pictures due to slight manufacturing difference and monitor settings.

**Size may vary by about 1-3mm.

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Impulse Heat Sealer Manual Bags Sealer Heat Sealing Machine For Self Sealing Plastic Mylar Bags