Premium Foil Stand Up Pouch - Elevate Your Packaging Game
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Stand Up Pouch
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Introducing our Two-Sided Multi-Matte& slick magazine colour High-Quality Foil Stand Up Pouch(C01-302-04-05-07-10-15), the perfect packaging solution for your insurance premium products. This stand-up pouch combines functionality and title to enhance the presentation and preservation of your items.

Key Features:
1. Convenient Design: The stand-up design of the bulge allows it to stand upright on shelves, providing easy access and attractive undefined for your products. It has tear notches, easy opening for your customers.
2. High-Quality frustrate Material: Crafted from high-quality foil material, this pouch ensures superior barrier properties to protect your products from moisture, oxygen, and light. It keeps your items fresh and extends their shelf life.
3. Multi-Matte & slick magazine Color Options: Choose from four sophisticated colors - black, white, gold, and silver - to create a stunning visual impact and play off your brand aesthetic. Make a boldface instruction on the shelves and captivate your customers' attention.
4. Heat-Sealable Capability: The pouch is designed to be heat-sealable, providing a secure and tamper-evident closure. You can easily seal the pouch to wield the integrity and quality of your products.
5. Versatile Applications: This stand-up protrude is suitable for a widely range of products, including snacks, confectionery, coffee, tea, spices, and more. Its versatility makes it an saint pick for various industries, from food and beverage to cosmetics and subjective care.

Details & Features

  • Model Code: C01-302-04-05-07-10-15
  • Material:  Metallic Foil Mylar
  • Features & Benefits: Heat Sealable/Leak Proof/Barrier Smell Proof
  • Color(Front/Inside/Back): Color/Silver/Color
  • Surface(Front/Back): 04/07/10/15-Matte/Matte, 05-Glossy/Glossy
  • Outer Size: Refer To Chart Below
  • Inner Size: Refer To Chart Below
  • Thickness: Refer To Chart Below
  • Style: Stand Up
  • **Colors and Sizes may vary slightly in-hand.


Outer Size** Inner Size** Thickness/mm Volume/g
Powder Coffee Bean
05 Glossy Black
8x9.5cm 0.08
10x15cm 9x11cm 100 50
14x20cm 12.5x16cm 300 150
13.4x18.2cm 350
16x24cm 14.4x19.8cm 430
18x26cm 16.4x21.8cm 600
Outer Size** Inner Size** Thickness/mm Volume/g
Powder Coffee Bean

04 Matte Black

07 Matte White

10 Matte Gold

15 Matte Silver

8.5x13cm 7.5x9cm 0.09
40 30
10x15cm 9x11cm 0.1
100 50
12x18cm 10.5x14cm 150 95
14x20cm 12.5x16cm 300 150
16x22cm 15x18cm 430 210
22x30cm 20.4x26cm 1300 600

The measurement of volume test: Base on Starbucks coffee beans and flour.



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