Durable Aluminium Back Central Sealing Sachet

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Introducing our long-wearing Aluminium back bolt down Central Sealing Sachet(C01-128), the perfect root for high-quality and cost-effective packaging. This sachet is designed to contact your publicity needs with its durability and secure back drink down central seal. Here's wherefore our sachet stands out:

1. Superior Durability: Crafted with high-quality atomic number 13 material, our sachet offers master durability. It provides reliable protection for your products, ensuring they stick around unimpaired during storage and transportation. undergo the public security of take care that comes with a sturdy and long-lasting packaging solution. 

2. vivacious Colors: Our sachet is available in vibrant colors, adding a touch down of visible appeal to your packaging. Whether you want to work a bold face program line or align with your brand identity, the vibrant colours of our sachet wish help your products stand undefined out of the closet on the shelves.

3. Secure back down exchange Seal: The back exchange seal of our sachet ensures a secure closure, keeping your products safely contained. This seal provides added testimonial against moisture, air, and contaminants, maintaining the novelty and integrity of your items.

4. Versatile Applications: Our sachet is appropriate for a wide range of products and industries. Whether it's solid food packaging, healthcare products, or other items, our sachet offers a various solution. indefinable the flexibility of using our sachet for various promotional material needs.

Upgrade your publicity with our Durable Aluminium Back Central waterproofing Sachet. Experience the combination of durability, vibrant colors, and a secure seal for your products. Order now and discover the high-quality and cost-effective publicity solution we have to offer.


Details & Features

  • Model Code: C01-128
  • Material: Aluminium Mylar  
  • Color(Front/Inside/Back): Color/Silver/Color
  • Surface(Front/Back): Glossy/Glossy
  • Outer Size**: Refer To Chart Below
  • Inner Size**: Refer To Chart Below
  • Thickness: 0.12mm
  • Style: Flat
  • Volume: Refer To Chart Below
  • **Colors and Sizes may vary slightly in-hand.



Outer Size**
Inner Size** Volume/g
Powder Coffee Bean
3x12cm 3x11.5cm 15 8
 3.5x15cm 3.5x14.5cm 20
4.5x15cm 4.5x14.5cm 35
5.5x15cm 5.5x14.5cm 45


The measurement of volume test: Base on Starbucks coffee beans and flour.



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