Eco-Friendly Kraft Foil Inner Zip Lock Bags
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Zip Lock Bag
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Wholesale Eco-Friendly Kraft Foil Zip Lock Bags(C01-218)!
These bags are premeditated to touch your promotion of necessity while prioritizing the environment.

1. insurance premium Quality: Our zip lock u bags are successful from high-quality kraft paper queer material, combine the effectiveness and durability of foil with the natural appeal of Kraft paper.

2. accessible Design: The reclosable zipper shut out keeping your items fresh and protected from moisture, dust, and debris. The charge notches provide additional convenience, ensuring get at even out after inflame sealing.

3. varied Usage: Whether you want packaging for your homemade snacks or want to show window your handmade crafts, these bags are a hone choice.

4. UV Protection: The kraft paper foil stuff provides excellent UV protection, keeping your products rubber from harmful dismount exposure. This is peculiarly important for medium items that tin be disgraced by UV rays.

5. property Packaging: They are lightweight, recyclable, and minimize waste, qualification them an environmentally conscious packaging option.

Experience the undefined and eco-friendliness of our Kraft Foil zip up up Lock Bags. Make a positive touch on on some your products and the environment. say today and enjoy the perfect combination of functionality and sustainability!

Details & Features

  • Model Code: C01-218
  • Material:  Kraft Paper + Foil 
  • Features & Benefits: Heat Sealable/Freezer Safe(-20°C)/Recyclable/Food Gradable
  • Color(Front/Inside/Back): Kraft/Silver/Kraft
  • Outer Size: Refer To Chart Below
  • Inner Size: Refer To Chart Below
  • Thickness: 0.14mm
  • Style: Flat
  • **Colors and Sizes may vary slightly in-hand.


Outer Size** Inner Size** Volume/g
Powder Coffee Bean
6x8cm 5x4.8cm
8x11cm 7x7.5cm 35 20
9x14cm 8x10.5cm 50 25
10x15cm 9x11.5cm
60 40
11x18cm 10x15cm 110 55
13x21cm 11.4x18cm 200 110
15x24cm 13.4x20cm 360 200
18x30cm 16.4x25.8cm 650 350
20x30cm 18.4x25.8cm 800 400


The measurement of volume test: Base on Starbucks coffee beans and flour.



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