8 Best Cookie Packaging Ideas in 2022

8 Best Cookie Packaging Ideas in 2022
Authored By Eva


The holidays are a time of cheer and fun for everyone. After moving around so much all year, you get to sit down and relax. One of the things you can do as you wind down the year is bake cookies. They are easy to make and are the perfect gift to friends and family. To ensure that everyone gets the best cookies, it will help if you ensure they are packed well before shipping. Poorly packed and stored cookies get soggy so fast, which you want to avoid. If you are out of ideas, here are some of the best cookie packaging ideas for 2022.

How to ensure your cookies stay fresh after packaging



One of the things that will greatly affect how your cookies look is how cool they were before you packed them. Putting warm cookies in a package will lead to them sweating, and they will become moist. That is not sightly, so ensure your cooking comes down to room temperature before you start packing them. Here are the ideas on the right packages to use for your cookies.

Get a gift box



If you love making cookies for special occasions, gift boxes are perfect for you. These are eco-friendly cookie packaging. You can get these with different graphics, making it a unique cookie packaging idea for giving out cookies as a gift. The only thing you will need to remember when using these boxes is that the air gets in and might make the cookies soggy after a while. You need to ensure you deliver the cookies as soon as possible so they can be enjoyed before they all go soggy.

Use Ziplock bags



Buying cookie packaging Singapore can be so costly that you give up on sending them to friends and family in the first place. For this reason, it helps if you have a simple yet efficient way to do this. Ziplock cookie bags have been used for food storage for a long time, and they are so popular because of how airtight they are.

You do not have to worry about the cookies getting soggy with this option. The cookies will also be able to travel a long distance without spoiling, which adds to the whole appeal. You can ship them around the county without worrying that they will spoil before the owner gets them.

Cookie jar



Nothing feels and looks more nostalgic than using a cookie jar for your cookies. It brings back memories of when you were younger and trying to get a fistful of cookies before anyone noticed. Since the jar is clear, it is a perfect idea, especially if you have your cookies decorated colorfully.

You can simply add a cap and a note, and the gift is ready to go. Your friends and family get to eat these or display them at the Christmas table, and they make the perfect snack before the meal is ready. Since the cookie jar is airtight, you do not have to worry about your cookies getting soggy too soon.

Mixed and matched cookie tins



One of the nicest ways to present cookies is to have different varieties in one tin. While it might look complex, it is quite simple. You need to get a big tin and some sugar paper. Line the bottom well, then use some of the paper as dividers. Giving your friends this variety will blow their minds, and you will not have to spend so much on other types of wrapping material. It is cheap and yet looks so costly.

Mailing tubes



If you want to enjoy the current festivities, then the mailing tubes are the best option. There are so many cylindrical cardboards that you might have left after using the kitchen roll and any other cylindrical items in the home. Simply get some holiday paper and wrap it around the tube before putting your cookies in it. It is an ingenious way to reuse tubes in the house, and you get to decorate it as you wish.

Use cellophane



Another great way for you to make cookie packaging bags is to use cellophane. The bigger the cellophane, the more chances to go crazy with it. Simply get some decorative paper and place a couple of cookies in it. You can stack them up and ensure the tops and bottoms are well secured. If you use big enough cellophane, you can ensure that all your cookies will be securely wrapped. You do not have to worry about them getting soggy. Since cellophane is cheap and stylish, you get to have your cookies looking good without breaking the bank. It is like killing two birds with one stone,

Use mason jars



If you have no cookie jars in your house, you can always use mason jars. Since they are clear, they will make the cookies stand out and keep them dry. You might need to get some ice paper at the top before closing the jar. That way, no air will get inside, which means your cookies will stay fresh for longer. To add some decoration, simply get a ribbon and tie at the top.

Kitchen molds



If you have so many kitchen molds that you would like to give away, then why not add some cookies to them. Simply get some paper and add it inside before you put your cookies in. Your friends can use this mold in their kitchen once done. If you want to preserve the cookies, then you might consider using kitchen wrap on top of it. That way, the cookies will not get soggy if they stay out longer.

Cookies are some of the easiest bakes for all things baked goods. All you need to do is ensure that you put them in cookie bags Singapore to keep them fresh for as long as possible. The packaging ideas above not only look good but serve a purpose. If you are stuck on packaging ideas, you should try one of them. It will ensure that everyone getting the cookies from you can enjoy them.