School Bag Shape Plastic Matte Stand Up Pouch w/ Handle - Orange
QQ Studio School Bag-Shaped Plastic Matte Stand-Up Pouch with Handle(3388)! Whether you're looking for a creative way to box school supplies, party favors, or promotional items, this bulge is an first-class choice. **Product Highlights:**- Unique school bag form for eye-catching packaging- Convenient handle for easy carrying- Resealable for...
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Cute Beautiful Girl Printing Plastic Glossy Stand Up Pouch w/ Clear Front and Hole - Blue
QQ Studio One side undefined One side Cute Pretty Girl printing process Plastic slick magazine place upright up Pouches (3389)! These pouches with cute plan are hone for gift giving. **Product Features- Cute girl theme with pleasing appearance- Transparent side for soft display of items inside- Hole for easy hanging or displaying items-...
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One side Clear One side with Shop Shape Printing Stand Up Pouch w/Hole - 4 Sytle Mix/Pack
QQ Studio One Side Clear, One Side with Shop Shape Printing Stand-Up protrude with a Hole(3391), specialised plan for boys and girls!Product Highlights: - New design with one side featuring a window for product visibility- One side adorned with charming...
from $94.00
One side Clear One side with Lovely Printing Stand Up Pouch - 4 Sytle Mix/Pack
Our One Side Clear, One Side Cute Printed Stand-Up Pouch Square Pouch (3390) offers the outflank of both worlds. The clear side showcases your product, while the cute print adds a touch of charm and is hone for keeping a...
from $117.00
Beige with Cute Rabbits Pattern Plastic Matte Stand Up Pouch w/ Frosted Window
Wholesale adorable rabbit-patterned matte stand-up pouches(3387)! These stand up bags not only feature charming lapin patterns but also come with a opaque window, allowing you to easily find the contents inside. It's cute design work it perfect for all the festivals. **Product Highlights:**- Charming rabbit model adds fun and cuteness-...
from $126.00
Jar-shaped Printed Glossy Plastic Stand Up Pouch - Stylish and Convenient - Green
Presenting our Jar-shaped Printed Glossy Plastic Stand Up Pouch(C01-376), this bag of ours is premeditated with the image of a jar to make your package look more interesting and attractive: 1. eye-catching design: the can shape window on the packaging...
from $133.00
15x22cm Glossy Cute Plastic Stand Up Pouch w/Animal Printing
Introducing our 15x22cm Glossy Cute Plastic Stand Up protrude with Animal Printing(C01-372), a delightful and eye-catching packaging solution for your products. This pouch combines a glossy finish, accessible stand up design, and adorable beast prints to create a charming and usefulness packaging option.Key Features:   - Glossy finish...
Matte Stand Up Pouch w/Cup Shape Frosted Window and Cute Animals - Blue
from $138.00
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Matte Stand Up Pouch w/Cup Shape Frosted Window and Cute Animals - Blue
Introducing our felt place upright Up Pouch with Cup form Frosted Window and Cute Animals(C01-324), a delightful packaging option that combines functionality and charm. This pouch features a unique cup-shaped opaque window, allowing a sneak peek of the contents, while adorable animal designs tot up a touch of playfulness....
from $138.00
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Glossy Plastic Reclosable Zip Lock Bag with Cute Printing
Introducing our Multi-Color & size up Glossy impressionable Reclosable Zip Lock pocket with Cute Printing(C01-265), the perfect root for storage and packaging of your products and favorite items. These zip lock bags not only if cater functionality only also add together a touch of cuteness to your packaging. Here's wherefore our bags stand out:  1. Cute Printing:...
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Clear Front Back Holographic Silver Foil Glossy Stand Up Pouch
QQ Studio Clear Front Back Holographic Silver Foil Glossy Stand Up Pouch (C01-375). Our bag applies the most popular laser effect to make your products reflect on the shelves: 1. Transparent Front: Our pouch is designed with full transparency on...
from $89.00
Elegant Frosted White Plastic Stand Up Pouch with Clear Window - Show off Your Snacks - Frosted White
Wholesale Frosted White Stand Up protrude with Window(C01-325), this bulge combines functionality and title to elevate your production presentation. Key Features:1. undefined Window: The clear window on the face of the bulge out allows customers to see the delicious treats...
from $94.00
Glossy High Quality Foil Stand Up Pouch w/ Hang Hole& Tear Notches - Green
QQ Studio offer wholesale high-quality foil stand up pouches with a string up hole out and tear notches(C01-303). Our pouches are studied to run a premium promotion solution for businesses. - insurance policy insurance premium slick Finish: The pouches feature a slick powder magazine finish that adds a touch down of undefined...
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