Professional Plastic Open Top Bakery Bag with Card Base - Secure and Convenient Storage
Introducing our 9x25+6cm Double Sided Matte Plastic Open top remove Bakery Bag with Gold Card Base(S01-109+S01-119), the perfect promotion solution for your bakery, supermarket, or food retail business. This high-quality bag is specifically studied to meet the needs of professionals in the baking industry. Key...
Glossy Clear Plastic Stand Up Pouch w/ Hand Hole & Basket Shape Printing
Introducing our slick magazine Clear Plastic Stand Up Pouch with Hand Hole & Basket form Printing(S01-311), a varied and visually appealing packaging solution for your products. This protrude combines the convenience of a stand up design with a unusual basket shape and a glossy undefined finish for an eye-catching presentation. Key Features:- undefined and...
from $104.50
Oil-Proof Rice Paper Stand Up Bread Bag with Tin-Tie - Freshness and Convenience in One
QQ Studio Oil-Proof Rice Paper Stand Up Bread Bag with Tin-Tie(S01-118), Our this bag is a high quality stand up design wallpaper pocket which has real many advantages: 1. Oil-Proof Material: our pocket is made of high quality oil-proof Elmer...
from $200.00
Jar-shaped Printed Glossy Plastic Stand Up Pouch - Stylish and Convenient - Green
Presenting our Jar-shaped Printed Glossy Plastic Stand Up Pouch(C01-376), this bag of ours is premeditated with the image of a jar to make your package look more interesting and attractive: 1. eye-catching design: the can shape window on the packaging...
from $133.00
Convenient and Stylish 24x28cm Kraft Paper Stand Up Toast Pouch with Handle
Introducing our favorable and Stylish 24x28cm Kraft wallpaper Stand upwards Toast Pouch with Handle (C01-360), the hone option for the organized food service provider. This pouch combines functionality, convenience, and title to elevate your snack packaging. Here's why our pouch...
from $95.00
15x22cm Glossy Cute Plastic Stand Up Pouch w/Animal Printing
Introducing our 15x22cm Glossy Cute Plastic Stand Up protrude with Animal Printing(C01-372), a delightful and eye-catching packaging solution for your products. This pouch combines a glossy finish, accessible stand up design, and adorable beast prints to create a charming and usefulness packaging option.Key Features:   - Glossy finish...
Custom Printed Order: 9x25+6cm Plastic Open Top Bakery Bag with Card Base
Get your Product info & logo on our plain bags for stronger Brand recognistion. Custom Printing technology on stock pouches allow up to 2 color printing on both sides.   Our Plastic Open Top Bakery Bag (S01-119) with Card Base...
Household Resealable Food Grade Plastic Stand Up Pouch with Big Square Window Mix Pink and Blue Per Pack
Our household resealable food-grade plastic stand-up pouches undefined in pink and blue colors per pack(C01-384), with a large square windowpane with a cute printed design. Features are as follows:- Large Square View Window:** A clear view of the contents, nonpareil...
from $121.50

Bakery Packaging

Baked goods look good when you have them in good bakery packaging. For this reason, QQ Studio came up with unique bakery packaging, such as, stand up pouches, zip lock bags and kraft paper pouches, etc. A good bakery bag can display your goods well while keeping them fresh. Most people who have used bakery bags admitted that it made their products stand out and attracted more clients.

If you are looking for a bakery bag, you should check out our eco-friendly bakery packaging. Not only will such a bag keep your baked goods fresh, but it also ensures you do not have to worry about the impact the bags have on the environment. Eco-friendly bags are the best if you want sustainable bakery packaging. They not only work well but are also good for the environment. With these, you can rest easy knowing that you are making a difference in the current situation of dumping and landfills.

One of the things you need to ensure you do when ordering packaging materials is buy bakery packaging wholesale. They are affordable, and you get to forget about getting packaging for a while. The only thing you need to consider when getting these packaging bags is the sizes they come in. Since you are customized ordering in bulk, it will work against you if you have a size you cannot use. Ask QQ Studio about the best solutions for bakery packaging! That way, you have bags that fit the goods you are baking.


What is bakery packaging?

This pack is designed to store and protect various bakery products, including pastries, bread, cakes, etc. The pack is made from food-grade materials, which help ensure the products remain fresh, maintain quality, and provide a good presentation.


Why should you use bakery packaging bags?

You should use bakery packaging bags for:

  • Hygiene and cleanliness: These packs protect bakery products from contamination during storage, handling, and transportation. Doing this ensures the products reach buyers in a hygienic condition.
  • Freshness preservation: The pack provides protective barriers that help preserve the product’s texture, flavor, and freshness by preventing exposure to air and moisture loss.
  • Visual appeal: you can customize the packs with labeling, attractive graphics, and branding to make a positive impression on buyers and enhance its visual appeal.
  • Extended shelf life: the pack’s packaging design and materials used during manufacturing are designed to extend the products’ shelf life and minimize exposure to elements that may cause spoilage and staleness.
  • Portion control: The packs allow buyers to control how their package is portioned. This is convenient for food service establishments and consumers.


Can you customize bakery package with branding?

Yes. You can customize these products with branding, product information, attractive designs, and logos. Customizing the pack helps boost brand recognition and enhance the products’ visual appeal. It also provides consumers with vital information.


Can you refrigerate foods while stored in bakery packages?

Some of these packs are designed to withstand freezing temperatures or refrigeration. However, you should check the guidelines or specific packaging instructions to determine whether placing the pack in a refrigerator would be safe.


Can you use the pack to store hot bakery items?

Typically, these packs aren’t designed for storing hot items straight from the oven. The materials used to manufacture bakery packaging cannot withstand high temperatures, and you are advised to cool the baked products before storing them in the packs. This helps you avoid health-related hazards or compromising the package’s integrity.