Versatile Aluminum Foil Pot with PP Lid Steamboat Set - Ideal for Cooking and Storage (3L/6L) - Gold
Versatile Aluminum bilk Pot with PP Lid Steamboat Set(S01-413). This set will fulfill your cooking needs. Features of our set: 1. Utile Cooking and Storage: Our steamboat set is hone for various cooking tasks. utilize it to train delicious soups,...
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Steamboat Sets for Cooking & Storage

If you plan on going on a picnic, you should ensure you get a foil pan to store your food. Being out on the road or in the wild with food meant to be eaten warm or hot can be a hassle. After a while, the food gets cold, and no one wants to eat it as much. QQ Studio noticed these issues and decided to create an aluminum foil tray. With this light weight and multi-use food tray aluminum foil, you have the chance to warm your food without worrying about carrying extra pots or pans. 

Aside from warming food, you can also get the disposable aluminum foil baking tray that will ensure you get to put your food in an oven and then use it as storage later on. It makes cleaning up way easier. 

If you are looking for an aluminum foil tray Singapore, you should check us out at QQ Studio. QQ Studio also provides stand up pouches, zip lock bags and kraft paper bags, etc. You can get an aluminum foil tray stand which will ensure you have somewhere to store your meals.

You can also get aluminum foil containers with lids to make storage easier for you. These aluminum storage trays will ensure you can store and heat your food without worrying about spoiling the containers.


What is a steamboat set for cooking and storage?

These refer to packs that hold and store various ingredients and components used in hot pots or steamboat meals. The pack is designed for the utmost freshness, convenience, and quality of multiple ingredients during cooking or preparation.


Why should you use a steamboat set?

You should use a steamboat set for several reasons. They include:

  • Convenience: These packs allow easier handling, organizing, and portioning of ingredients when preparing meals, making the entire process efficient and convenient.
  • Freshness preservations: These packs help users preserve their food’s quality and freshness by protecting against moisture, air, and contaminants.
  • Food safety: These packs prevent cross-contamination between ingredients promoting food safety and minimizing bacterial growth.
  • Extended shelf life: These packaging designs and materials provide an extended shelf life by preventing exposure to moisture and air, which could lead to degradation and spoilage.
  • Easy cleanup: Packaging ingredients individually helps reduce messes during cooking. You could place each item in a tray or hotpot without additional handling or preparation.
  • Portion control: These packs are portioned, reducing waste, ensuring the correct quantity of ingredients, and reducing waste. It also allows increased control of serving sizes.
  • Branding and labeling: You could customize the packs with labels and branding to make them more attractive. You may also add the necessary information, product identification, cooking instructions, and ingredient details.
  • Warming: You could also warm the food in the food inner pack-Steamboat Set/Hot Pot/Tray when you are out on the road and don’t have extra pans and pots. You could also get a disposable aluminum foil tray to bake your food and use it as storage later on. They are a perfect option for storing and warming your food without the fear of spoiling your containers.