Are Kraft Paper Pouches Recyclable?

Are Kraft Paper Pouches Recyclable?
Authored By Eva

Ordering items has become easy with advancements in technology and the widespread use of the internet. Today, you can virtually get anything delivered to you, regardless of your physical location or distance from the company you’re ordering from.

When you have an item delivered to you, chances are it’s neatly packed and packaged in a proper way. Initially, plastic was the standard material used in packaging. However, the ecological impact plastic has is significantly negative for the environment and everything within.

Environmentally conscious companies like QQ Studio made the switch to more eco-friendly packaging material. This birthed the popularization of materials like Kraft paper.

What exactly is Kraft paper, and why is it quickly becoming the packaging material of choice around the globe? More importantly, what is the ecological impact of Kraft paper, and how recyclable is it? Read on to learn more about the environmental impact of this modern packaging material.


What is Kraft paper and why is it so popular?


There’s a high chance you’ve used Kraft paper multiple times. Essentially, this is a type of strong brown paperboard and has been in use for ages. Today, Kraft paper is commonly used in packaging. However, it has previously held many uses, most notably printing.

Unlike other common paper types, Kraft is strong and can withstand more force before tearing. Additionally, in the packaging industry, this material can be treated with certain oils or wax to make it almost water-resistant.

Kraft paper is naturally made from wood chipping. This gives the material its characteristic brown hue. It’s also the reason Kraft is so durable. This material was first forged in the late 1800s, and its popularity has steadily risen since then.

Some of the top reasons why Kraft paper is so popular today include;

· Aesthetically pleasing and timeless

· Extremely durable and long-lasting

· Environmentally friendly and recyclable


What is Kraft paper used for?


Because of its strength and durability, Kraft paper has a ton of uses both in commercial and industrial applications. Some of the top ways this revolutionary material is used include the following;


Pallet protection


Pallets are commonly used in transporting large and bulky goods. If the pallets slip or collide with each other, they can break and damage the goods before reaching their destination.


Kraft paper is layered between the pallets to keep them from slipping. Kraft has the perfect features to be used for fragile items and long-distance transportation.


Individual wrapping


If you want to move fragile items, you want to ensure they reach their destination safely and without any breakages. The pottery sector, for instance, uses Kraft paper to individually wrap items before transporting them. If you’re moving, you’ll also want to wrap valuable items like glasses and vases with the wrapping material.


Void-filling applications


Have you ever opened a package with packet peanuts only for them to end up everywhere in the room? While packing peanuts has its place in the packaging industry, Kraft paper is a great alternative. It’s less messy, easy to use, and offers excellent protection for your items.


Paint masking


Overspray can easily ruin your building, car, or boat. Fixing over-sprayed surfaces is costly and time-consuming. You can use Kraft paper to protect the parts you don’t want to be painted. The material can hold paint without letting it spill over to the protected areas.


Are Kraft paper pouches recyclable?


One of the key features of Kraft paper is its eco-friendly qualities. If you have accumulated an ample supply of Kraft papers, you can use and reuse them in different creative ways. For instance, since they are highly durable, you can reuse these Kraft pouches in certain strong items at home.

While many products are advertised as recyclable, Kraft paper pouches fully back up the claim. You can safely dispose of the paper pouches in your recycling bin, and they will be properly recycled down the line. Alternatively, you can get creative and recycle the Kraft paper pouches yourself. For example, you can incorporate the material into your compost pile.

QQ Studio has long been a benchmark in revolutionary and eco-friendly packaging materials. You can now get customized Kraft paper designs for your brand and other packaging needs. This will help the environment and keep your items safe and secure until they reach their destination.