How do you package herbs for the market?

How do you package herbs for the market?
Authored By Eva

Herbs are vital for our health now more than ever. For starters, they provide various medicinal and cosmetic benefits, making it unimaginable for health enthusiasts to go a day without taking their daily dosage. However, we must remember the importance of using the correct package type when storing, transporting, and packaging these essential supplements for the market.


Keeping your herbs perky and fresh when transporting them to the market and packaging them for the market is a considerable challenge. However, applying proper packaging strategies can help you solve these challenges.

Appropriate packaging requires us to use durable and practical packaging, which is why QQ Studio aims to create eco-friendly packaging that’s sustainable, renewable, and compostable.

QQ Studio adopts sustainable production processes with repurposed recycled waste to make the process more efficient. Now that you understand the importance of good packaging practices, how do you package your herbs for the market?


How to package your herbs for the market


Store them in a vacuum-sealed package


One thing you should be aware of is that most packaging bags let in air and moisture, which may make your herbs last for a shorter time than you intended. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by packaging your herbs in vacuum seal bags. These have been around for a while and are a great way to keep your herbs fresher for longer.

Vacuum bags are a better alternative to glass and tin jars if you want a practical storage option. Additionally, most people love this packaging method because of its eco-friendly design. For instance, getting a vacuum-sealed bag from QQ Studio provides a reliable packaging bag you can dispose of whenever you want.

You can get varying-size vacuum bags depending on which suits your products (herbs). You may order them from the store with custom designs depicting your brand in bulk. This is a great way to package your product for the market and incentivize your customers to purchase products packaged in eco-friendly containers.

Lastly, the packages are perfect for re-heating and are also freezer-friendly. This makes it easy for you or your customers to store the herbs for later use, which is a huge plus.


Opt for biodegradable packaging.


Often, one item not recycled in homes is storage bags. If you take your time and observe the use of packaging in your home, you’ll notice that you’ll throw out food storage bags after using them once or twice. Doing this to packaging that isn’t eco-friendly leads to them ending up in landfills, making them pollutants.

Thus, it helps to package your products in biodegradable storage bags, helps customers become more aware of their environment, and reduces pollution.

Disposed biodegradable packages disintegrate into the earth, making them one of the best ways to care for and improve the environment.


Try glass Jars


Because of their airtight properties, you can also package your herbs in glass jars. Glass jars have lids that customers can lock to keep out the moisture and leave the herbs looking and tasting fresh. Additionally, transparent glass jars make it easy for customers to look through and identify the type of herbs being stored.

Also, glass jars are easy to customize and come in different sizes and shapes. They have minimal production costs (although not as much as paper packages) and have various colors to choose from. Regardless, glass jars have some cons, including being costlier than plastic jars, failure to protect the herbs from light, and glass’ fragility when dropped or hit by a strong force.


Try metal tins


You could choose metal tins as a way of packaging your herbs. For starters, tin cans lock in moisture like glass jars and are more durable than glass, making them more sustainable. They are also easy to clean and keep the ingredients fresh for longer.

However, a few cons include becoming too hot when exposed to lots of heat and not being able to know what’s inside the can unless you open the lid.


How do you package your herbs for the market?


How you package your herbs for the market depends on various factors, including how long you may have to store them before making a cell and the types of herbs you want to sell. Choosing a sustainable and inexpensive packaging strategy for your business, customers, and the planet is best.