What is the best package for tea?

What is the best package for tea?
Authored By Eva

When it comes to tea packaging, you must pick a creative design for your brand. Not only do tea leaves need special packaging because of their delicateness, but also stand out among various brands. Every manufacturer knows that product packaging is an important part of marketing, benefiting pricing and branding. Here is a look at some of the best packaging for tea.

Best packaging ideas for tea


It’s easy to use custom packaging for tea. Tea leaves are dry, lightweight, and readily conform to different types and shapes of bags and containers. Some of the best packaging’s for tea include:

Cardboard canisters


When it comes to tea packaging canisters, you have the option between cardboard and metal varieties. Tea cardboard canisters are round kraft paper tubes for storing pre-sealed loose-leaf or tea grains. They are made from paper such as c2s, c1s, craft paper, coated paper, fancy paper, etc. They are easy to customize to various specifications, including applying glossy or matte lamination, UV varnish, embossing, debossing, hot stamping, glossy varnish, etc. They can also be accessorized with foam, plastic, or fabric inside to ensure a dry environment for your tea.

Metal canisters


On the other hand, metal canisters are typically round or rectangular tins with leads for holding tea satchels or pouches. You may think eco-friendly applies to paper products only, but aluminum and tinplate are among the most sought-after packaging materials by environmentally-conscious individuals and brands.

Not only are these metals flexible and soft enough to be molded into different shapes, but they are also durable.

Metal canisters can last through several supply chain cycles and create air-tight containers for tea extending its shelf life. Plus, once the tea is out, consumers can repurpose the tin for other uses or send it with other items to a recycling facility.

Metal canisters are easy to customize to various artistic styles, including smooth curved edges, see-through designs, sliding lids, hinged lids, screw caps, etc. They are also easy to use, making things smooth for consumers.

Paperboard boxes and custom cartons


Paperboard boxes and custom cartons are among the most versatile packaging materials. You can package your tea in one of these, whether it’s loose-leaf tea in pre-sealed foil or a plastic bag or tea grains in sachets. Cartons are not as durable as tinplate and aluminum containers, but they are lightweight and easy to lift, giving customers the feeling of finesse.

They are also easy to brand with logos, custom fonts, and tea-inspired artwork. Plus, they are produced in different shapes and sizes, making it easy to create standout packaging.

Stand Up Pouches


Tea will also look great in stand-up pouches. These preformed pouches allow products to stand on their own on retail store shelves. They are cheap and can be customized to a matt finish, high gloss finish, metalized effects, barrier solutions, etc. They are also easy to use; customers can open them, pick out sachets or loose-leaf tea then reseal them to prevent moisture and UV.

Glass packaging


Tea storage glasses are usually round or rectangular jars with lids to keep tea grains and loose-leaf tea dry and fresh. They come in various sizes, capacities, and colors, including some see-through designs. They are easy to brand with stickers and drawings and not complex to use at all. Users can just unseal the glass, take out the required tea leaves and seal it back.

The glasses are usually heavy-duty, meaning they won't break easily unless you drop them with great force or on a really hard surface. Plus, glass is 100 percent recyclable.



Like any other product packaging, tea packaging is important for a brand. You want to convey to the users how special your product is before they even unbox it, so pick out standout packaging.

Most importantly, keep the environment in mind. Society is only waking up to the impact of non-recyclable packaging materials on the environment and will be less likely to touch your products if you continue to show indifference to global warming. Let your packaging convey the uniqueness of your tea brand and your company's environmental protection efforts.

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