How to Properly Pack Powder Products?

How to Properly Pack Powder Products?
Authored By Eva
Packing powder products is not as exciting as lighting some fireworks on Christmas Eve, but it does have its importance. The last thing you want is for your customers to buy damaged products after spending their hard-earned money. It only hurts the image of your brand and forces them to use more than they need. We all know that throwing powder into a bag isn’t strictly professional or practical.
Powder products are typically sold in bulk or bags, so the packaging is usually plain and straightforward. After all, these are ingredients and not cosmetic items.
To help you pack these powders and to answer questions we usually get, we’ve put some tips together:


How to Pack Powder Products?



  1. Keep your product in an air-tight container. If you have one with a screw cap, use it as intended. If you use a jar or lid, ensure it is tightly sealed. This will keep the powder fresh and maintain its shape over time.
    2. Tape the protective paper until it doesn’t move. When packing materials like tissue paper or paper towels, place them around your powder container because they are good at absorbing dust. Also, be cautious of any moisture in that area because it affects the quality of your product.
    3.  After placing another layer of protective paper on top, secure it with tape.
    4. Between every single piece of paper, put bubble wrap or polystyrene beads. Doing this will prevent your package from bouncing during transit and lowers the risk of damage.
    5. Fill any remaining space left in the container you’re shipping with bubble wrap or polystyrene beads, depending on how much cushioning you’ve already packed.
    Note: If you have an empty container to store your powder, don’t put it with other items for fear of contamination.


What’s Needed for Packing Powders?


You don’t need a lot to start packing powders. Basic items like tubes, caps, and packaging should be able to get you started. But remember, the quality of your product is closely tied to the container it comes in, so opt for something robust.


Consider This When Packing Powder Products


  • Use a screw-top jar or bottle with a child-resistant cap for powders. But if you want a regular plastic bottle, ensure it has an easily accessible seal.
  • Take your time when weighing how much powder goes into each container, and then seal them up nice and tight. Also, make sure there’s some kind of way for air to escape during transportation.
  • Once ready to ship it out, place everything in an airtight container, box it up, get that seal as tight as possible, tape it on the label, and send it out!


To Summarize

After using powdered products, find a suitable place to put them. Look for a light plastic container that fully covers it and keeps a good grip. Containers with sharp edges usually aren’t the best.
Seal the container with a solid resealable bag and put that in another box. But this time, line the box with crushed gravel to give it some padding. The final box should be big enough to fit everything inside perfectly. Close it up and tape it down securely. To prevent any sliding during transportation, put something heavy on top of it.