Types of Plastic Bags Used in Food Packaging

Types of Plastic Bags Used in Food Packaging
Authored By Eva

Whether you are cooking at home or have a business dealing with food, proper packaging is essential to ensure food freshness and quality preservation. Many people and businesses use plastic bags to pack food, considering their lightweight form. You can get plastic bags in different types to meet your needs. Here are the types of plastic bags used in food packaging.


PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) Plastic Bags

Among the popular types of plastic bags, there is PET. It is sturdy, transparent, and recyclable plastic, attracting many manufacturers keen on using environment-friendly packaging materials.

This material is also used in packaging milk, energy drinks, and making food trays. Moreover, it has thermal stability. Another way PET is used in the food sector is in making beverage and water bottles. Apart from clear PET, color PET is also available, fostering variety and elegance for companies.


PE (Polyethylene) Plastic Bags

Plastic bags can also be made using polyethylene. The different types of PE material entail HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), and LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene). An HDPE bag is strong, temperature proof, and commonly used in restaurants and grocery stores for food packaging.

On the other hand, LDPE bags are breathable and ideal for packaging vegetables and fruits. They are also clear, so you can easily identify contents without opening them. As for LLDPE plastic bags, they can be used for food storage in freezers and refrigerators.


PP (Polypropylene) Plastic Bags

Polypropylene is another material utilized in creating plastic bags. These bags are high-strength for secure food packaging. They are also non-breathable, enhancing the shelf life of food. Many foods are packaged in PP plastic bags, for example, yogurt and candy. You can also heat seal them to ensure your foods do not lose their delicious taste and aroma.

You do not have to worry about vapor or moisture when using PP plastic bags. These bags are also transparent, allowing easy visibility, which is great for display in your food store. Moreover, they are strong and do not tear easily.


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Plastic Bags

Plastic bags for food packaging can also be made of PVC, a long-lasting material. You do not have to worry about oil and grime when using PVC bags. They are highly strong and valuable packaging solutions for retail shops, grocery stores, and restaurants. Moreover, they are waterproof.




QQ Studio Plastic Bags

When searching for quality plastic bags for your establishment or home use, look no further. QQ Studio is here to meet your packaging needs. You have a broad range of QQ Studio plastic bags to consider using. There are different sizes, colors, and designs to use depending on what you are looking for. Among the available plastic bags here, there are the following:


Yellow Zip Lock Bag with Oval Windows

Your food business can use some Yellow Zip Lock Bags from QQ Studio.  These vibrant packaging solutions come in different sizes and look stunning on shelves. You can easily tell what is inside each bag thanks to the oval windows incorporated in their design. With the zipper closure, your foods remain smelling fresh. Your home kitchen can also benefit from these plastic bags. That being said, they are made from PET.


Mixed 3 Styles Matte Plastic Drawstring Stand Up Bags

Made from PE material, plastic drawstring stand up bags are stylish, elegant plastic bags. They are gorgeous packaging for presents for your loved ones. The standup design makes it easy to display and store the bags, ensuring neat organization. The drawstring makes it simple to close and open the bags, fostering ease of use. You can package delicacies like chocolates in these bags during celebratory occasions for presentable gift giving.


Matte Plastic Zip Lock Bag

Available in different colors, the matte plastic zip lock bag is a valuable resource for food packaging. Made with CPP, it features a large frosted window for food visibility and attractive display in stores. It has a secure seal, protecting your food from environmental factors like dust and moisture.

The bag is long-lasting and tear-proof, providing ease of use with the zip lock seal. Package and display your foods like a pro and attract customers to your store. CPP is the short form for Cast Polypropylene. The plastic is used for packaging spices, sugar, dried snacks, and cookies, among other foods.

Proper food packaging is vital in maintaining the integrity of different edibles. There are many ways to package food, and plastic bags are included. Businesses and homes can use PET, PP, and PE plastic bags to package food, maintaining their freshness. QQ Studio provides a wide range of quality plastic foods for packaging different foods.