What Is The Plastic Bag Policy In Singapore?

What Is The Plastic Bag Policy In Singapore?
Authored By Eva


Singapore is one of those stellar nations, and it’s known for its eco-friendliness. Despite how well it’s doing in that department, it can’t escape a problem with plastic. They’ve implemented measures to handle this, like a ban on synthetic plastic bags.
How does this affect you? I’ll fill you in right now.



Plastic Bag Ban

Making its debut in 2019, Singapore announced a ban on synthetic plastic bags used in supermarkets, retail shops, and hawker centres. That’s not all, though. Retailers were also asked to charge customers about five pence for each bag they bought. This was done to encourage them to start using their reusable ones.
Getting rid of these bags wasn’t an overnight situation, though. It was gradually rolled out, starting with big players like supermarkets. Then, the smaller shops and hawker centres followed suit.


Why Did Singapore Decide to Ban Plastic Bags?


Environmental Impact

You know the drill, right? Plastic bags leave a huge environmental footprint from when they’re made to when they’re thrown away. Their production guzzles non-renewable resources like oil and gas, which aren’t good for the environment and contribute to climate change.
And when it’s time to say goodbye to them, they don’t biodegrade. Instead, they stick around for hundreds of years, eating up space in landfills and messing up everything around them. On top of that, they’re also a danger to marine life.
Once these bags enter the ocean, sea animals might mistake them for food. This can lead to choking or starvation. And if you thought those were its only tricks, think again. As these bags break down, they spew out toxic waste that messes up aquatic ecosystems.


Economic Impact

Getting rid of plastic waste isn’t just bad for the environment. It’s bad for wallets, too. In Singapore, this eats up a big part of their waste management budget.
On the other hand, by cutting down on plastic bags, Singapore’s government can save some moolah on waste disposal, too. By doing that, they can take those saved funds and invest in options like compostable and biodegradable bags.

The Social Impact

Regarding the plastic bag ban, the environment and money aren’t the only factors. It also has a social side. The goal of this policy is to encourage shoppers to adopt a more sustainable and responsible mentality. By doing that, they can become aware of their actions and learn to be more socially responsible.
The benefits aren’t limited to making Mother Nature happy, either. It can also help people save some cash in the long run by nudging them into eco-friendly habits such as bringing their reusable bags. Because of this policy, many companies are starting to make custom plastic bags that are compostable and biodegradable. QQ Studio is one example.


Singapore’s Zero Waste Dream

Singapore has big dreams of becoming a nation that wastes nothing. And they’re starting with banning the use of plastic bags. The government isn’t stopping with just that, though. Their sights are set on reducing waste generation and pushing the recycling rate up to 70% by 2030.
It will take time, but they know it can be done. They believe that if everyone cuts back on using plastic bags, then together, they can build a society that’s much cleaner and better for the environment.

Riding with the Global Wave

Singapore has a company on this plastic ban adventure. They’re catching the same wave as many other countries, such as China, France, and Australia, who also moved to reduce plastic.
Singapore’s plastic ban policy is not about being trendy. It’s about responding to global calls to reduce waste and pollution. The moves they made has put a dent in their carbon footprint.



Being green means being eco-conscious in Singapore. And if you want that, their plastic ban policy is definitely what you should be taking notes on. They didn’t just take on plastic head-on but shopped for it with an eco-friendly approach as well. Synthetic bags and non-biodegradable bags have taken a massive hit, and people are starting to bring their reusable bags.
If you’re looking for sustainable solutions like Singapore’s plastic bag ban, then QQ Studio is your way to go. They can provide you with compostable options and high-quality packaging options. Call them today, and they’ll hook you up with a custom-made bag. Cheers to going green!