What Can You Use Zip Lock Bags For?

What Can You Use Zip Lock Bags For?
Authored By Eva
Zip lock bags, or resealable bags as they’re known on the streets, are absolute lifesavers in everyday life. They don’t just seal snacks and leftover food well, but they have tricks that give magicians a run for their money. So, let’s babble about all the fancy things you can do with these bags.


1.     Keeping Food Fresh


Let's start with the basics. You’ll find that zip lock bags and your kitchen will become best friends when it comes to keeping your food sealed. Have some leftovers from dinner? Just put them in one of these bags and toss it in the fridge. It’s easier to use than containers and even saves space. You also won’t struggle to find your snacks and treats through the clear plastic.


2.    Guarding Electronics


Have you ever wondered how electronic devices survive those accidental trips into water? Well, we have a hunch it’s because manufacturers use zip lock bags to keep them safe from water damage. You can achieve the same thing by using one for your phone or tablet too, especially around watery places like pools and beaches where accidents love to happen.


3.  Packing Products


Maybe you’ve seen it, but I’m not sure you have. I’ve seen it at the local farmers' market and grocery store — products snuggled up in zip lock bags. Easy to open and close, they’re great in the world of packaging. No matter if it’s medicine or freshly baked treats, businesses love these bags. Although they’re a hit in the hospitality and catering scene as well for keeping goodies fresh and inviting.


4.  Home Organization


A cluttered space is an absolute no-no. But who needs that when we have zip lock bags? They’re perfect for tidying up your home. Stick your kids' toys or puzzles in them, you’ll thank yourself later when you step on one less Lego piece. These bags are a lifesaver in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room – keeping your odds and ends in shipshape.


5. Gift Wrapping


Surprise! You can also use zip locks to wrap gifts too! It can make someone feel extra special when they find out what they’re getting is something small like their favorite candy bar or even cash. Just tuck it into the bag of your choosing with a sweet note and watch someone’s day get made.


6. Packing It All In


Packing can be a pain, especially when you’re worried about lotion spilling everywhere on your clothes. With ziplock bags, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. They help you organize your stuff while you pack, keeping everything in their own spot. No more spills or disasters with your clothes. They’re also very useful for moving – just label them and unpacking is as simple as it gets.


7. Product Display


Have you ever seen jewelry displayed in a ziplock bag? These little things are amazing at keeping those shiny treasures clean from dirty fingerprints. People can admire without touching, and the bags are like shields against dust and other gross things floating around in the air. Whether you want to protect valuables or are in retail, go ahead and use a ziplock bag.


Why QQ Studio is the Best Place to Get Your Ziplock Bags


When it comes to these fantastic bags, QQ Studio has got your back. Here’s why they’re worth checking out:
1.     Eco-friendly Pouches: QQ Studio creates their ziplock bags from compostable materials that come straight from plants. They take action in protecting our lovely planet by reducing carbon footprint by 70 percent, and there’s no plastic whatsoever in their bags.
2.     Top-Notch Quality: Made from plant-based raw materials, paper, and a three-layer laminate. Not only are their bags tough enough to not break under a little pressure, but the resealable zipper is biodegradable.
3.    Customization Galore: If you’re a business and want to slap your brand on something, they’ve got you covered. QQ Studio can create custom bags that are exclusively yours.
4.      Variety for Days: They have it all – frosted, clear, prints, foil, display window, bottom fill…even bags with hang holes. QQ Studio is your one-stop shop for all zip lock bag needs.
Don’t just limit them to just kitchen use. Zip lock bags can be used in so many situations that will probably save your hide once or twice. From keeping food fresh to keeping your workspace tidy — pick up some of these top-tier pouches from QQ Studio and get bagging!