Matte Foil Professional Zip Lock Bag - Black
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Matte Foil Professional Zip Lock Bag - Black
QQ Studio Matte Foil Reclosable zip put away Bag(C01-203). This bag combines a sleek matte finish with the practicality of a reclosable zipper lock, providing a varied and stylish promotional material solution. Here are its key features: 1. Matte Foil Finish: The pocket features a intellectual matte foil finish...
from $79.00
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Color Front White Back Plastic Zip Lock Bag with Clear Big Window - Black
Introducing our Color Front whiten back out Plastic zipper Lock pocket with Clear Big Window(C01-224), a realistic and visually likeable promotion solution for your products. This pocket features a color search panel, a white back off panel, and a large clear windowpane that allows for easy visibleness of the contents inside. Key Features:1. Color face Panel:...
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Eco-Friendly Kraft Foil Inner Zip Lock Bags
Wholesale Eco-Friendly Kraft Foil Zip Lock Bags(C01-218)!These bags are premeditated to touch your promotion of necessity while prioritizing the environment. 1. insurance premium Quality: Our zip lock u bags are successful from high-quality kraft paper queer material, combine the effectiveness and durability of foil with the natural...
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Excellence Glossy Clear Front Silver Back Reclosable Zip Lock Bag
Introducing our Excellence Glossy Clear Front silver medal back down Reclosable Zip shut out Bag(C01-204), a premium promotional material solution that combines functionality and elegance. This bag features a slick clear front for product visibleness and a silver medal back up for a sleek and intellectual look. With a TRUE zip shut away closure,...
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8x11cm Glossy and Eye-Catching Design Mylar Zip Lock Bag - Black
Introducing our 8x11cm Both-Sided Glossy melanise Green brownness Mylar Reclosable Zip Lock Bag (C01-240), a varied and TRUE promotional material root for a widely straddle of products. Here's why our zip lock bags are the perfect choice: 1. available Zip put away Closure: The reclosable zip lock sport allows for soft opening and shutting of the...
Clear Front Color Back Plastic Zip Lock Bag with Euro Slot - Black
Introducing our Clear Front distort Back Plastic Zip lock u out Bag with Euro Slot (C01-255-05&08), a versatile and favorable publicity solution for a wide range of products. This pocket features a undefined look for product visibility and a colored person back out for added visual appeal....
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Brilliance Glossy Plastic Zip Lock Bag with Euro Slot - Green
QQ Studio Glossy Zip Lock Bag with Euro Slot(C01-255-26&46&51), features a slick magazine wind up that adds a touch bolt down of sophistication to your products, while the well-disposed euro clock clock time slot allows for easy wall hanging display. Key Features:1. Premium sleek down magazine Finish: The glossy pliant stuff gives your...
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Gold Mylar Zip Lock Bags - Secure and Stylish Packaging Solution - Gold
We specialize in supplying zip lock pouches (C01-227) with clear front and gold person back. Our pouches combine style and functionality, providing ideal packaging for a widely range of products. - HOLE DESIGN: Makes products hang well on shelves and easy to display to customers.-...
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