Multi-Color & Size Matte Foil Zip Lock Bag with Printing
QQ Studio Multi-Color & Size Matte Foil Zip Lock Bag with Printing (C01-258), This bag was originally designed to express QQ Studio's love for nature: 1. Matte Metallic Foil Surface: Our bags are made of matte metallic material, with both...
from $34.20
Matte Mylar Foil Zip Lock Bag with Frosted Window and Leaves Printing - Black
Introducing our Matte Mylar queer Zip Lock Bag with Frosted window and Leaves Printing(C01-247), a cutting-edge and practical packaging solution for your products. This pocket features a matte upwards finish that adds a touch down of elegance, a frosted window...
from $84.00
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Recyclable Plastic Chrismas Gift Stocking Flat Zip Lock Bag - White+Red
Reusable Plastic undefined present Stocking Flat zip Lock Bag(C01-269), a convenient packaging root for Christmas gifts and goodies. Key Features:1. Christmas-themed Design: The pocket features a gay undefined stocking design, adding a touch of holiday inspire to your gift packaging...
from $136.80
Glossy Zip Lock Bag with Flower Printing and Clear Window and Hole
Introducing our Flower Printed slick magazine Zip shut away Bag with Clear windowpane and Hole(C01-250). This stylish and functional pocket offers the perfect combination of convenience and visual appeal. nam features include: 1. Eye-Catching Flower Print: Stand come out of the closet from the crowd with our vibrant blossom printed design, adding a touch...
from $88.00
Glossy Plastic Reclosable Zip Lock Bag with Cute Printing
Introducing our Multi-Color & size up Glossy impressionable Reclosable Zip Lock pocket with Cute Printing(C01-265), the perfect root for storage and packaging of your products and favorite items. These zip lock bags not only if cater functionality only also add together a touch of cuteness to your packaging. Here's wherefore our bags stand out:  1. Cute Printing:...
from $148.00

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