Eco-Friendly Kraft Foil Inner Zip Lock Bags
Wholesale Eco-Friendly Kraft Foil Zip Lock Bags(C01-218)!These bags are premeditated to touch your promotion of necessity while prioritizing the environment. 1. insurance premium Quality: Our zip lock u bags are successful from high-quality kraft paper queer material, combine the effectiveness and durability of foil with the natural...
from $84.00
Glossy Silver Aluminum Foil Zip Lock Bag - Premium Quality, Food Grade, Moisture-proof, Reusable
Glossy Silver Aluminum Foil flat zip lock Bag(C01-207), this is one of our high-end products, the whole package is made of high-quality aluminium Foil material: This is unity of our high-end products, the whole box is made of high-quality Al...
from $79.00
Foil Reclosable Zip Lock Bag with Frosted Window - Black
Introducing our Foil Reclosable Zip Lock Bag with opaque Window (C01-262), a versatile and virtual publicity solution that combines the benefits of frustrate material, a convenient zip lock in closure, and a incomprehensible window for product visibility. This bag is...
from $84.00
Assorted Sizes Kraft Mylar Zip Lock Bag with Clear Window
Introducing our Assorted Sizes kraft paper Mylar Zip Lock pocket with Clear Window(C01-217), the perfect solution for storage and packaging of your products and favorite items. These reclosable bags volunteer convenience, durability, and visibility. Here's why our zip lock away bags stand out: 1. Different Sizes: We offer a...
from $89.00
Matte Mylar Foil Zip Lock Bag with Frosted Window and Leaves Printing - Black
Introducing our Matte Mylar queer Zip Lock Bag with Frosted window and Leaves Printing(C01-247), a cutting-edge and practical packaging solution for your products. This pocket features a matte upwards finish that adds a touch down of elegance, a frosted window...
from $84.00
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