Custom Made Order: PLA 100% Compostable Recyclable Bag - Kraft
Custom design your own Branded bag Up to 2 Colors for your product.   Introducing our custom-made PLA 100% Compostable reusable Bags  (CMO-382), the perfect packaging solution for those who prioritize state of affairs sustainability. These bags are crafted from Polylactic Zen (PLA), a biodegradable and...
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Compostable Custom Made-Kraft Paper Zip Lock Stand Up Pouch

One of the things you will notice when it comes to the waste from your home is most storage bags. Whether you use food storage bags for snacks, cookies or other items, the packaging bags you use are thrown out after one or two uses. While you might not pay attention to it, the bags you throw out tend to end up in landfills which pollute the environment. It, therefore, helps if you can get biodegradable packaging bags for your home. The good thing with a biodegradable bag is it can be disposed of and will disintegrate into the earth. These eco-friendly food packaging pouches have been used for a while and are the best way to stay environmentally conscious.

Like every other bag on the market, these compostable pouches come in different sizes. You can pick what works for you and your current needs. At QQStudio, we have the compostable bag in four different sizes. The best thing about the biodegradable bag is we sell it in bulk. Buying them in bulk means you have a long-term supply of them. If you run a business, you can be sure these bags will serve you for a very long time. Switch to biodegradable packaging bags today and see their difference in your business.