Versatile 6L Leakproof Waterproof Lunch Bag with Thermal Insulation - DuPont Kraft Paper and Aluminum Foil (Picnic Basket)
DuPont Kraft Paper and aluminum foil Leakproof Waterproof Lunch Bag with Thermal Insulation(S01-646),Features as followings: 1. DuPont Kraft Paper and Aluminum queer Construction: Our tiffin bag is constructed with high-quality DuPont kraft paper Paper and features an inner layer of...
Custom Made Order: Singlet T-shirt White Embossed Transparent Plastic Bag
Custom design your own Branded bag for your product.QQ studio flat Custom Made robe T-shirt Bag(S01-117), successful with high-quality materials, this pocket offers durability and functionality while simplification submit of personal business impact. Key Features:1. Lightweight and durable: Our impressionable pocket is designed to be jackanapes for easy carrying while...
from $730.00
Double Sided Matte Aluminum Foil Open Top Pouch for Hot Food
QQ Studio Double Sided Matte Aluminum Open top off Pouch(S01-116), whether you're serving newly transistorized meals or takeout items, the perfect solution for retention your hot solid solid food fresh and delicious: 1. Exceptional Heat Retention: The double-sided matte aluminum...
from $0.10
Leak-Proof Food Grade Brown Kraft Bento Box Set - Eco-Friendly and Convenient (100PCS)
Leak-Proof Food score Brown kraft paper Bento package Set(S01-642), this typeset includes leak-proof boxes in 2 sizes: 199ml+390ml and 170ml+170ml+450ml, Offering options to fit your mission needs: 1. ECO-FRIENDLY BROWN KRAFT PAPER MATERIAL: Our bento boxes are made of food...
from $72.00

Packaging-Take away Packaging

If you are in the food business, you know how important it is to have the right takeaway package. A coffee takeaway package will ensure your coffee beans stay fresh and strong, while containers for takeaway food keep it warm and fresh until it gets to the client. Since you are running a business getting bulk take away, food box suppliers will go a long way to ensure you get a good deal.

Takeaway food packaging has evolved over the years to offer better food takeaway containers. At QQ Studio®, you can get biodegradable takeaway food containers in Singapore, which are considered some of the best when environmentally conscious. These biodegradable takeaway food containers not only look good but can end up in the trash without fear that they will damage the environment. Having sustainable takeaway packaging goes a long way to ensure you stay in business while staying compliant with environmental laws.