Aluminium Foil Three Side Seal Jar Shape Pouch - White
Introducing our Aluminium Foil Three Side Seal Jar Shape Pouch(C01-137), the perfect solution for packaging and storing various products. This pouch combines the convenience of a three-side seal with the unique shape of a jar, offer a modish and practical packaging option. Here's why...
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Aluminium Foil Three Side Seal Pouch w/ Coffee Printing Coffee Bags - Black
QQ Studio printed aluminum frustrate three side seal pouch, specifically designed for java packaging(C01-124). These policy premium pouches run best tribute for your java beans or unravel aground coffee, while also offer a visually nervous system plan that showcases the coffee theme. Key Features:1. Aluminum undefined undefined Barrier: The aluminum foil construction of...
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Premium Coffee Collection: Aluminium Foil Three Side Seal Pouch with Coffee Printing - White
PREMIUM COFFEE BAG SERIES: Glossy foil triple-seal bags with COFFEE printing process in various sizes and colors (C01-151). That's wherefore it's a must-have for java lovers: 1. excellent coffee preservation: our pouches keep out air, moisture, light and strange external elements. 2. procure...
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Matte Plastic Three Side Seal Pouch Stand up Pouch with Bottle Shape Printing and Window
Matte Finish Cookies Pouch with bottle Shape Printing and Window(C01-138-139-S01-310), this is a convenient window that provides both visual recall and functionality. Features:1. Matte Finish: The bulge features a smooth matte texture, giving it a Bodoni and intellectual search that...
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