Differences between Freezer Bags and Zip Lock Bags

Differences between Freezer Bags and Zip Lock Bags


Packaging bags are designed for various uses; you can use some for standard storage while others are made for the freezer. Both types are made of plastic and use the same kind of seals; however, you should be aware of some significant differences between freezer bags and zip lock bags.

Freezer bags


Although most people associate freezer bags with packaging food for storage in the freezer, they have many more applications. You can buy freezer bags in large sizes and use them for whatever you wish. On the other hand, freezer bags can be pricier than other types of food storage bags, despite the fact that they are equally impressive.

The polyethylene film used to make freezer bags has an additive incorporated into the manufacturing process, which keeps the plastic from getting fragile and cracking when frozen for  long unlike using a zip lock bag for something you intend to freeze for a long time.

Freezer bags are significantly tougher plastic and may withstand more damage from weighty, sharp or pointy food. These freezer bags are ideal for preserving both raw and cooked food, and provide a labeling space, which is not guaranteed on zip lock bags.

You can store whole slices or crumbles, apart from watery food with no trouble at all. Due to the freeze bags' adaptability, additional food can be added without fear of it leaking and it might help if you  position the freezer bags flat on steady surfaces to avoid ripping or puncturing.

It's also unlikely that the freezer bags will deteriorate even after prolonged exposure to cold, so it's safe to assume that the food stored in freezer bags will maintain its quality for months if frozen, making freezer bags an efficient food storage item since you can use them to protect against freezer burns.

Zip Lock bags


Zip lock bags are convenient and less expensive than freezer bags. The adaptability, though, is relatively low as a result. Whether for commercial or domestic use, you can use this packaging for various items and food. Zip lock bags are also environmentally friendly packaging alternatives due to their reusability.

In contrast to freezer bags, zip lock bags can be washed and reused several times to pack snacks and meals. Also, the plastic material used to make zip-lock bags is safe. However, be aware that while these are great for storing food, they may not be airtight; thus, you shouldn't use them to keep powders, stews or soups.

Zip locks are easily resealed. Pressing the grip on either side of the handle will close the seal, while squeezing the top will pull it apart, making our bags ideal for repeated usage. These bags, however, are likely to leak contents compared to freezer bags.

You can easily package bulky items like medical supplies, electronics or jewelry using zip lock bags, while freezer bags are widely used for food items. Additionally, zip lock bags come in various sizes and are available in more sturdy or colorful options, depending on what you need.

Can You Freeze Food in Zip Lock Bags?


It is common practice to freeze food in zip lock bags due to their same chemical composition. However, using these plastic bags interchangeably is not encouraged by food safety experts due to their shortcomings. The ability to withstand extreme temperatures is another way freezer bags excel over regular zip lock bags.

When placed in the freezer, where the temperature is much lower than a refrigerator's, zip lock bags are less likely to last and hold up than freezer bags and may tear. If you add that freezer bags prevent food from getting burned more effectively, you can see why they're preferable.

Whether or not you can use regular plastic bags for food storage instead of freezer bags depends on how you arrange the bags in your freezer. It's best to use a thicker, heavier-duty freezer bag if you rarely have time to carefully place and arrange your food items in a deep freezer and tend to just put bags in there.

Using zip lock bags could be a fantastic idea only if your organizing skills are top-tier and you have various containers to put in the bags of frozen foods.

Take Away


Freezer bags and zip lock bags are always within arm's reach since you can get them from local stores or packaging suppliers, although sometimes freezer bags may be harder to come by. There is a wide range of design options available for food storage bags, each with its advantages and setbacks. Freezer bags cost a little more but can last significantly longer due to their resilience, hence may be your best option.