Why Choose Coffee Bags with Valves for Packaging?

Why Choose Coffee Bags with Valves for Packaging?


The quality of coffee you get depends on many factors. One of these is the kind of packaging you use. Over the years, various packaging methods have been used for coffee with different perks. After research, it was clear that using coffee bags with valves is the best option. Here are some reasons you should use coffee bags with valves for packaging beans.

Valves are more than just sniffing holes.


If you get your coffee from the store, then chances are you have sniffed it to see how strong it is. It is no surprise, therefore, that most people assume that the valve is for sniffing. While this is one of the ways the valve is used, there are other uses for valves in coffee bags. In understanding how vital the valve is, you tend to have a newfound respect for it.

Helps with quality control


One of the things you will notice is that most people prefer freshly ground coffee. As such, you must ensure you keep your coffee as fresh as possible. Freshly ground coffee tends to get oxidized very fast, which leads to it going bad.

The valve on the coffee package bag helps prevent that from happening. One of the ways to ensure quality is to use the valve. It prevents oxidation, and the freshly ground coffee will taste fresh for longer.

Provides an exit of carbon dioxide


For your coffee to stay fresh for a long time, you must ensure that any carbon dioxide formed after packing it is dispelled. At the same time, it does help if you ensure that there is no entry of oxygen after packaging. Valves act as a one-way air passage. Through them, you are sure that all the carbon dioxide is dispelled, and at the same time, you prevent the entry of oxygen into the bag.

With this, our coffee beans will stay fresh for longer without you worrying about issues with the quality of coffee your clients will get. It also increases the shelf life of your coffee, making it the perfect storage option for when you want to ship your coffee across the globe.

Do all coffee packages need valves?


If you have been drinking coffee for a while, then chances are you noticed that canned coffee does not have a valve. If valves are so important, why would canned coffee come with no valve?

The main purpose of valves in packaging is to ensure that the coffee is degassed. Coffee bags with valves often store roasted and packaged coffee immediately. The case is not the same when it comes to canned coffee. With canned coffee, the beans are roasted, ground then degassed. That way, they will not oxidize while in storage. This method makes it easier for you to keep your coffee for longer.

Coffee bags are perfect for smaller portions of coffee and freshly ground coffee since these do not go through the degassing process. As such, you do not have to worry about the beans oxidizing. They still get an extended shelf life, just not as much as the canned beans.

Where can one get bags with valves?


If you are in the coffee business, it will help if you can get the right packaging material. Take your time and look around you for packaging companies. Most of them will give you a rough idea of which bags you need to pick for your coffee. The one thing you need to ensure is that you get a packaging bag that has a one-way valve.

Since there are so many different types in the market, there is a chance if you get the wrong kind. Ensure that you pay for the right kind of packaging bags. You can always consult with other packaging shops around you and see if they can point you in the right direction. That way, you do not have to worry about your coffee going bad.

The right coffee bags will not just attract clients but will also ensure they keep coming back. It preserves the freshness of your beans and makes shipping to other areas easy. To preserve your coffee, you should consider getting bags with valves. These bags come in different sizes, so you are sure that you can package your coffee in different portions.

They also come in different designs, which appeal to different clientele. All you need to do is figure out what you want your buyers to see and go for it. Go for the coffee bags with vales today and see how it revolutionizes your packaging.