Tips on Selecting the Best Tea Packaging

Tips on Selecting the Best Tea Packaging
Authored By Eva


Tea is the globe's most widely consumed beverage, with its competitors coffee, energy drinks, soda, and more. A new generation of consumers prefers tea because of its nutritional value. Tea is a natural beverage with no artificial ingredients or harmful additives; its health benefits make it a competitor to be rivaled with.

However, marketing, packaging, and distribution are big factors in generating sales in the beverage industry. Packaging incorporates all these practices in some form in that how you package your goods will determine how you distribute them and how you design your package to market your brand.

Beverage companies stand out from the rest by elaborating on the benefits of their brands and drinks through packaging. If you want to scale your tea business, packaging might come a long way to generate sales and boost your profits.

However, it's not as easy as throwing tea leaves and sachets into a random bag. Careful selection of desirable elements must be considered before choosing a packaging solution. We will discuss tips on selecting the best tea packaging to make it easier for you.

Tips on selecting the best tea packaging


The market presents a multitude of options when it comes to tea packaging options. The type of design you prefer is a choice only you can decide. Making this choice can be challenging, so we have provided some of the best and trending packaging designs.

Stand up pouch


As the name suggests, stand-up pouches stand on their own. This unique design has enabled stand-up pouches to gain popularity in recent years. They are a good option for packing loose-leaf tea. Most stand-up pouches are designed with zippers for re-closure after use.

The base of the package exhibits an ovalish shape that allows it to stand upright, which looks great on display shelves and makes it easier to organize your kitchen specifics.

Gusset pouches


Side seal pouches contain seals to their corners to provide a better base. This type of packaging is also popular not only in tea but also in coffee beans. They are designed in different designs, for example, e-side seal, quad seal, and center seal gusset. Side seal pouches contain seals to their corners to provide a better base.

Paper pouch


Paper pouches have been around for a while, making them common to most people. They feature a simple design with a square base that allows them to stand vertically. They might be simple, but if done correctly, they stand out from the rest of the packages in this group.

However, since this bag doesn't contain a seal or zipper, the products packaged in the pouch will have a short shelf life.

Branding and color


Every business owner needs to view packaging as a way to market their product. Branding and color are crucial elements to choose the best tea packaging. At QQ Studio®, branding is king; all packages feature quality brands with customizable orders.

Considerable thought should be placed when deciding the choice of color. Picking a bold color might appeal to simplistic shoppers, while flashy colors might attract more altruistic shoppers. Fortunately, color is in plenty at QQ Studio®.



To all tea business owners, size matters. Size matters from the label, font, branding, and to the package itself. Also, size goes hand in hand with storage. The larger the package, the harder it is to store it away.



The world is constantly searching for environmentally friendly solutions, and this does not stop with packaging. Some packaging bags are recyclable and more eco-friendly compared to tins. Investing in sustainable packaging will earn you points with consumers and protect the environment for future generations.



Material is important not only to packaging but most production processes. The packaging material can also determine the shelf life of the contents. Packaging made from polyester with a seal will likely have a longer shelf than others.

Also, good quality materials tend to last longer shelf life than others. Also, good quality materials tend to last longer and feel authentic, which is a tick in your client's book.



Last, you must look for suppliers or distributors that favor your wallet, especially if it's a business. Seek options that favor your capital but still provide great quality tea packaging. There is no need to break the bank and run your business dry for packaging while you can find budget-friendly solutions.



Stating the benefits of packaging will take a whole day; however, you can only enjoy such benefits by selecting the best. This article has provided you with the best tips for selecting the best tea packaging in the market. However, you can take the shorter route and browse through QQ Studio®, where you will find the best packaging solutions with quality assurance.