What is the best packaging solution for coffee?

What is the best packaging solution for coffee?
Authored By Eva


How fresh your coffee depends on how well you store it. Improper storage makes coffee lose its aroma as well as taste. There are various packaging options in the market, and while some are effective, others cause more harm than good. To help you decide, here are a couple of packaging solutions that might work for you when it comes to coffee.


Bags with valves


One of the things you will realize when it comes to coffee is air makes it stale. Stale coffee has no flavor, and you might not enjoy it. To help with this, getting a bag with valves is a great solution. The valves will prevent oxygen from getting into the coffee while ensuring that the air inside the bag is expelled periodically.

That way, your coffee stays fresh for longer. Most companies that ship coffee globally opt for this option because of its benefits.


Flat bottom bags


If you package coffee for sale, then you understand how important looks are. Not getting the right looks for your packaging can break your business and turn clients away. For this reason, you need to ensure you get bags that work and look amazing.

If your packaging bag has graphics, standing them up will go a long way to ensure clients get to see the labels well. There are various flat-bottom bags in the market, and they all look great. All you need to do is ensure the graphics are printed on them right, and you are good to do.


Quad seal bags


For larger quantities of coffee, it helps if you have a bag that can be sealed. That is where the quad-seal bag comes from. All you need to do is ensure that the bags are big enough for your coffee. They can stand upright on their own, so there is no worry that they will topple over. You also don’t have to worry about them opening up after you pack the coffee. They also look great on display which is perfect if you sell to coffee shops.


Pillow bags


If you are packing small quantities of coffee, often used as samples, you must consider getting pillow bags. They are simple yet stylish, and you can fit many of them in a small space. They still keep the coffee fresh, so you do not have to worry that it will go bad while on display. You can also use them when shipping since they do not take up too much space.


Bag in bag


If you like to be safe, then the bag-in-bag option is one for you with these bags. You get to ensure that your coffee will get to its destination in one piece. There are filling machines for this bag, so you do not have to do anything by hand. These bags are commonly used to pack huge amounts of coffee for hotels or companies that use a lot of coffee daily.


Ziplock bags


If you are storing coffee at home, you will need an economical yet aesthetically pleasing way to do so. In this case, Ziplock bags come in handy. Not only will they keep your coffee fresh. They can also be stacked on top of each other to create space. If you get the reusable variety, you do not have to worry about spending so much on storage.

Once your coffee runs out, you can refill it with more coffee or use it to store other things in the house. It reduces the waste your home produces, reducing your carbon footprint.


Coffee bag with oval window


Most clients like knowing what they are buying, which is where this bag comes in handy. The bag has a see-through window on one or both sides, which you can use to see what is in the bag. It comes in handy if you are selling more than one grind of coffee and want to give your clients options. They do not have to guess how big the beans have been crushed. It is perfect for displays as well as giving samples of new clients.

The kind of coffee bags you get will determine how fresh your coffee stays and how many clients will want to buy your brand. It, therefore, helps if you can take the time to figure out what coffee bags work best for your company. The options above all have certain aspects that are great. Take your time and figure out which one will work for you.