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Get your Product info & logo on our plain boxes to gain a great brand recognition. Description All our Kraft Corrugated Mailer Boxes are made from recyclable material. All of these corrugated mailers / boxes are designed to create a professional appearance for...
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Custom Made: Box

If you are looking for custom boxes for mailing packages, you are at the right place. Since many people run their business online, figuring out which mailing boxes will work well for you can be tricky. At QQ Studio®, in addition to food packaging pouches, we have several mailing options for you, including bubble mailing envelopes and corrugated boxes. Top of the list is our custom boxes for the specific measurements you want. We make a good quality corrugated box; all you need to do is check out our options. We guarantee quality every time and will get you just what you need.

Our prices are also very competitive, starting from as low as $0.10. With such low prices, you can be sure you will get the best wholesale prices in the market. We also offer customized service for your business. We have made it possible for you to get packaging boxes in different sizes, so you get to send off your packages without worry. Contact us today to make an order and get the perfect boxes for your business. We will deliver in time, and you can rest easy knowing your package will get to its destination in good condition.