Custom Made Order: Aluminium Screw Cap Eco Friendly Kraft Spout Pouch for Cream
Custom design your own Branded bag for your product   Introducing our Custom Made Aluminium Screw Cap Eco Friendly Kraft Spout Pouch (C01-415), particularly designed for creams and other skin care products. With this pouch, you have the opportunity to customize your own proprietary tubes with...
from $4,250.00
Custom Made Foil Stand Up Pouch
QQ Studio customizes aluminum foil stand-up pouches (CMO-300) to meet your unique packaging needs.QQ Stuido custom made service will meet all aspects of your requirements for size, appearance, shape and full color printing process: 1. Customization: we offer full customization...
from $1,160.00

Custom Made: Stand Up Pouch

Our custom-made stand-up pouches are nothing if not beautiful and durable.

We understand that different clients have different needs, which is why our stand-up pouches come in a wide array of sizes and shapes. Additionally, we have pouches with different designs for variety, so whatever your poison, we have it here!

Besides the sizes, shapes, and designs, our products have special features which are perfect for giving your stand-up pouches a complete look. For instance, the aluminum screw cap design is perfect for storing cream, while the metallic foil option is perfect for storing coffee.

Before you delve into all the magnificent features our pouches carry, you'll first notice the good looks. And we can all appreciate how imperative first impressions are when making a purchase.

For this reason, we have included different finishes, materials, and sizes options. What good will a stand-up pouch be if it doesn't look great to display and isn’t durable?