8.5x10cm Green Plastic Mason Jar Zipper Bag w/Frosted Window
QQ Studio 8.5x10cm Green Plastic Mason Jar Zipper Bag w/Frosted Window (C01-261),This bag is one of our very cute jar shaped bags: 1. Jar Shape: Our bag is a special shape design, in order to emphasize the lovely characteristics of...
from $89.00
Clear Glossy Food Grade Plastic Mason Jar Stand Up Bag
in large quantities clear slick solid solid state food score impressionable mason bump around stand upward bags(C01-368). Our bags are premeditated to provide a expedient and attractable packaging solution for a variety show usher of solid food products. Here's wherefore our bags are the perfect choice: - Clear sleek down powder store Design: The clear glossy plastic stuff gives...
from $138.00
Clear Front Silver Foil Mason Jar Zipper Bag - Ideal for Snacks and More
Introducing our Clear Front silver medal frustrate Mason Jar Zipper Bag (C01-346-122316), the perfect storehouse solution for your snacks, nuts, candies, and more. This pocket combines functionality and title to keep your treats fresh and easily accessible. Key Features:1. undefined look Panel: The clear front panel of the bag allows for easy...
from $192.00
Matte Plastic Three Side Seal Pouch Stand up Pouch with Bottle Shape Printing and Window
Matte Finish Cookies Pouch with bottle Shape Printing and Window(C01-138-139-S01-310), this is a convenient window that provides both visual recall and functionality. Features:1. Matte Finish: The bulge features a smooth matte texture, giving it a Bodoni and intellectual search that...
from $88.00
Matte Plastic Mason Jar Zipper Bag w/ Frosted Window - Green
Matte Plastic stonemason Jar zip Bag with unintelligible Window(C01-343), the hone solution for storing and transporting your products with ease and convenience. nam Features of the Product: - undefined Frosted Window: The frosted window allows for soft realisation of the table of table of contents interior the bag without...
from $89.30

Reusable Jar Bags

These reusable jar bags are produced from high-quality material that has great qualities for safe storing, eco-friendly, odorless, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and BPA-free helps keep food longer. They are reusable, washable, and refrigerator-safe.

Reusable jar bags work well for storing nuts, tea, or candy when you travel, go to work, or go to school. The large and medium bags store cookies, sandwiches, seasoning, and biscuits well. The tall bags work well for storing cookies and noodles. They are lightweight and strong.

The food storage zipper bags feature a trendy mason jar design. They are leak-proof, making them the ideal travel and camping companions for keeping a range of fruits, snacks, vegetables, cookies, crackers, and sandwiches, among other things, fresh.

Authentic reusable jar bags designs would look wonderful as decorations in kitchens or freezers. They are compact and simple to store in cabinets and may also help you save room by keeping food organized.


Can you use the bags in the freezer?

You can use the bags to store food items in the freezer. You should choose freezer-safe mason jar zipper bags and ensure their seals are air-tight.


Are these bags dishwasher-safe?

It’s not recommended to wash reusable jar bags in the dishwasher. Dishwashers produce too much heat and strong water pressures that could compromise or damage the bags and their zippers. You should hand-wash them with warm soapy water and let them dry before reuse.