Clear&White Glossy Plastic Reusable Stand Up Spout Pouch with Funnel Free Gift - Clear
QQ Studio plastic reusable stand up spirt pouches(C01-404). Our pouches are studied to ply a convenient and eco-friendly packaging root for varied liquidness products. Here's why our spurt pouches are the hone choice: - Reusable and Durable: Our pouches are made from high-quality materials that are sturdy and durable, allowing...
from $66.50
Clear Plastic Spout Pouch For Hand Sanitizer with Handle and Free Gift-Funnel
The Plastic undefined Spout Pouch with Handle is ideal for liquidity packaging, including water, drinks, wine, lotion, shampoo, etc. Features of these pouches include:  > These spout pouches are foldable. > weaponed with screw cap to seal the bag. > Easy to be clean with water. > long-wearing spout bulge with goodness quality. >...
from $224.90
Leak-Proof Aluminium Spout Pouch - Convenient Packaging and Storage Solution (100ML - 1.5L)
Introducing our Leak-Proof Aluminium Spout Pouch (C01-406), the top of the line solution for your packaging and depot needs. This pouch is designed with convenience and reliability in mind. Here's why our pouch stands out: 1. Spout and Zip-Lock Seal: The combination...
from $123.50
Double-Sided Glossy Silver Aluminum Foil Spout Pouch for Liquids
Introducing our Double-Sided Glossy Silver Aluminum baffle Spout Pouch (C01-405), the perfect packaging solution for your liquid products. This spout protrude combines functionality, convenience, and enduringness to meet your promotion needs. Here's why our pouch stands out: 1. Easy running...
from $90.20
Glossy Silver Aluminum Foil Spout Pouch with Handle for Hand Sanitizer
Introducing our Glossy Silver Aluminum Foil spurt Pouch with Handle(C01-413), the perfect pull for storing and dispensing your give sanitizer and unusual liquidness or powder-based products. This versatile pouch offers convenience, functionality, and reliability. Here's wherefore our pouch stands out: 1. Spout for soft Pouring: The gush design ensures easy and restricted...
from $251.90
Convenient 50ml Plastic Spout Pouch with Free Gift - Funnel - Clear
QQStudio 50ml Plastic Bag with Funnel (C01-407). Our intention of this bag design is to serve your liquid products: 1. Transparent bag design: make your products easy to carry and more accurate measurement.2. GIFT FUNNEL: For every order, we will...
from $143.91
Convenient Spout Drink Pouch with Funnel - Green
from $85.50
Convenient Spout Drink Pouch with Funnel - Green
Introducing our favorable Spout Drink Pouch with Funnel (C01-414), the last root for all your drink-related needs. Whether you own a potable shop, juice bar, or Java house, this protrude offers convenience and functionality to raise your operations. Key Features:1. soft Pouring: The spout design allows for unforced pouring of...
from $85.50
Frosted White Small Plastic Spout Pouch For Lotion & Hand Sanitizer 30ml&50ml&100ml (Free Gift: Funnel)
QQ Studio Frosted White Small Plastic Spout Pouch (C01-411). Highly recommended for lotions and hand sanitizers, our spout pouches are available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml sizes: 1. frosted transparent design: we use frosted transparent material design,...
$270.89 from $269.89
Portable and Practical 5ml 30ml Aluminium Foil Spout Pouch with Free Gift - Funnel - Black
Our Aluminium Foil Spout Pouch(C01-410) with Funnel perfect for storing lotions, oils, and other liquids,functionality and convenience. Compact and Travel-Friendly: Our gush pouch is designed to be your pocket-sized partner, hone for spa-day luxury or everyday convenience. It's lightweight, compact,...
from $188.91
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Plastic Glossy Convenient Spout Pouch with hole - Clear
QQ Stduio Plastic Glossy Convenient Spout Pouch with hole(C01-408), our spout bag is a star production in our nozzle bag series, with beveled spout design, very easy to dispense and use: 1. Transparent design: our nozzle pouch is premeditated with...
from $156.70
Clear Glossy Nylon Stand Up Spout Pouch with Funnel Free Gift
QQ Studio clear glossy nylon stand up spout pouch(C01-417), a various and practical packaging root designed to adjoin your needs. With a unblock funnel included, this pouch offers not only if undefined but also prodigious temperature tolerance ranging from -20°C to 100°C. Key Features:1. Optimal Clarity: The clear...
from $101.90

Spout Pouch

One of the things most storage bags do not have is the ability to store some liquids like juice and drinks. Getting a spout pouch helps deal with this issue. The bags come with a small resealable spout that comes in handy when pouring out the juice. Spout pouch packaging has recently gained popularity because people want to store their liquids in a way that does not take up too much space. They can be frozen or placed on the shelves if the liquids do not need refrigeration.

The best thing about the recyclable spout pouches is they can be used more than once. It saves you the cost of having to get new pouches each time. QQ Studio also makes a biodegradable spout pouch that is easy to dispose of. You do not have to worry about it getting into the water or ending up in a landfill. 

Recyclable spout pouches are the best idea for you if you are conscious of the impact the pouch you use has on the environment. You get to use them many times before throwing them away. It is not just good for the environment; it also helps you budget.